Loan Conditions

The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum (UMZM) lends materials from its collections to institutions for research and educational purposes.  Borrowers agree to the following loan conditions:


  • Identify specimens by GUID (including institution code, collection code, and full catalog number; e.g., UMZM:Mamm:1234) in all published materials (print, appendices, databases, etc.).
  • Credit UMZM in all published materials as: University of Montana Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum
  • Email a PDF copy of every published article (peer-reviewed or otherwise) resulting from use of these specimens, and provide links to specimen data deposited in online databases (GenBank, MorphoSource, etc.).

Storage and Care

  • Provide every reasonable care and protection for specimens, including secure housing and protection from insects, dirt, and exposure to extreme temperature, humidity, and light. For exhibits, the curator will specify handling and mounting methods, and consult on light and security concerns.
  • Make no alterations to loaned items without written approval. Prohibited actions include removal of tags, destructive sampling, dissection, pest treatment, preparation, casting, cleaning, marking, or staining.
  • Do not transfer specimens to another individual or institution under any circumstance without prior written permission from the curator.
  • Notify the curator of specimen damage, taxonomic updates, and any other concerns as soon they occur.


  • Return loans within the designated period, maximum one year unless otherwise arranged with the curator. Requests to extend the loan or transfer specimens to another location must be made in writing to the curator.
  • Return loaned material in the original condition and with original packaging. In the case of destructive loan samples, any remaining tissue and extracts should be returned at the end of the project. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the borrower; contact the curator if this cost is prohibitory.
  • UMZM reserves the right to recall any object upon reasonable notice to the borrower.