Montana Natural History Center

The Montana Natural History Center is the primary outreach partner of the UMZM, and it provides displays and activities oriented toward families and science education outreach. MNHC can host both walk-in visitors as well as pre-scheduled groups with a variety of learning modules. Their exhibits include an array of preserved fossils, plants, rocks, and animals, including our biggest and most impressive mounted specimens of grizzly bears, bison, and more.

Tour the UMZM

The UMZM hosts public group tours interested in the role of museums and natural history collections in science, art, history, and other disciplines. We are able to accommodate ages 8 and up, and groups are limited to 30 people total at a time.  Programs can run between 20-60 minutes depending on time and interest.

We request a $25/hour donation to the museum, which goes toward supporting your student tour guides! This fee may be waived for groups with financial need. 

Interested groups are encouraged to consider other museums or activities on campus, such as the Paleontology Center and the Planetarium, that can be paired with a tour of UMZM to get the most from your visit.

For questions and to schedule a tour, contact us.