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How do I sign up for Accounts Payable Direct Deposit?
To sign-up for Direct Deposit for Travel Reimbursement,
review this FAQ & Instructions.

When should I fill out an approval queue setup form?
This Banner Approval Queue Setup Form is used to add or remove employees who leave or are new to a department. This needs to be done before documents are entered into Banner to assure they are being approved. Any changes in a departments chart of account structure may require this form to be updated. If you have any questions, contact Frank Grady at Information Systems Support 406-243-2940.
Contact Frank Grady | Approval Queue Setup Form


How can I receive training for the US Bank Procard and Procard reporting?
Procard training for Banner and Procard reports can be scheduled with the Procard Administrator.

Call Cathy Butler at 243-2113 to schedule training.


Who do I contact about UM Travel and filling out the Travel Forms?

  • Information and forms for UM Travel are available on the Travel Page.

Contact Nicole Thompson at the Travel Desk: 243-2306.


Banner Basics IT Central 243-4357
Invoice Entry and Query Lisa Coon
Journal Voucher Entry and Query Tara Scott 243-5802
Procurement Training Cheri Hollist 243-2510

Training Resources

How can I receive help from IT Banner staff?

  • For assistance with Banner's operating features and functions.
  • For help installing the Banner icons on your computer's desktop.
  • For desktop setup issues.
  • For general computer and network solutions.

IT Central: 243-HELP (x4357)

What if I forgot my Banner Finance password?
For Banner Finance password resets, contact:
Jonathan Forrider, Banner Finance Production Assistant at 243-5464.

What is the importance of including the Vendor Invoice Number on Direct Pay Banner Finance Invoices?
The Vendor Invoice Number prints on the State check generated by the Direct Pay Invoice you enter. The vendor receives no other document or information with the check. So, if you do not enter the correct vendor invoice number (from the vendor's invoice, of course) on the Direct Pay Invoice form, the vendor may not be able to tell what the check is for. This is critically important for payments to vendors who receive multiple checks from UM.

Where can I get answers to my general Business Services questions?
For help with our processes, financial data entry, or procedures, please contact us via e-mail:

Contact  Business Services

Please Note: We normally respond within one working day, often within two hours or less.


Where can I find information on assistance and/or training with using GrizMart? 
Visit the GrizMart Customer Support Portal



Business Services
Emma B. Lommasson Center
Room 236
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812