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Guidelines for Non-Purchase Order (non-PO) Payments - Updated 8/27/13

The only Authorized buying methods for campus are an Official University Purchase Order (PO) from GrizMart or a University ProCard Number. The only exceptions  to these buying methods are noted within these guidelines. In accordance with the Administrative Rules of Montana, the payment method used for purchases of $5,000 and below should be the University ProCard, except for the State of Montana interagency purchases (ARM 2.5.603).

Although the items and services noted on this page are exempt from procurement requirements, if a vendor requires a purchase order or needs a contract signed by The University of Montana, you will need to request for a contract/purchase order in GrizMart through the normal requisition process.  This includes vendors wanting their terms and conditions to be considered as part of our agreement or they do not accept the University’s terms and conditions.

Please visit Procurement References for other relevant procurement information.

1. Complete the following transactions  on paper forms and forward to Accounts Payable for processing:

Payment Type


Request and Authorization to Travel/Travel Expense Report

Travel Request & Authorization / Travel Expense Report (RATTER) Form 

Costco Purchases Costco Receipt Record Form
Athletics Split the Pot Transactions STP Winner Form
Employee Moving/Relocation Expenses Relocation Expense Tax Form
Royalty Payments & Refunds Check Request Form

1a. Please note the following moved to GrizMart effective 8/1/2013:

  • UM Campus Catering/Entertainment/Meeting Expenses
  • Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement
  • Referees & Officials
  • Legal services, expert witness or other services associated with litigation or regulatory proceedings approved or obtained by the University Legal Counsel
  • Honoraria fees for performing artists, speakers, lectures, musicians, writers and artists
2. Complete the following transactions using the Non-PO Payment Form in GrizMart.

NEVER attach an invoice that is covered by a PO to a Non-PO Payment form for payment. If you receive an invoice covered by a PO, make sure the PO # is on the invoice (write it on the invoice if needed), mark it “OK to pay” with your signature, and forward it to the Accounts Payable Office for payment.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but is meant to provide guidance.

Call any Procure 2 Pay staff member with any questions, or to suggest changes or additions to this list.

Non-PO Payment List

  • Advertising (newspapers, magazines, radio ads) - ads only not for hiring contractors to develop ads as this is a Contract Service;
    Legal Services - must have Legal Counsel approval
  • Athletic events including team travel registration, training table and tournaments
  • Books, periodicals, subscriptions (excluding software), electronic publications of library materials, journals, course materials
  • Collection and Audit fees; Credit Card/Web site per transaction billings;
    Pass thru payments: Griz Card, Dining Services, American Professor, Adams Center 
  • Commerical Transportation (Bus, Cab, Travel Agency)
  • Conference Registration; Licenses, Subscriptions, (excluding software); Memberships; Training and Conference space
  • Drinking Water payments including rental; Laundry Services/Dry Cleaning; Vehicle Fuel Payments
  • Freight Purchases from US Post Office, Federal Express, UPS
  • Meal Prep: Fresh Food and Veg.*( Dining Services/COT) (Not for meetings or entertainment)/ Dorm Activities
  • Medical/Dental Student Services; Pharmaceutical for Resale
  • Purchases from other Schools and Governmental Agencies (excluding MT State agencies- must use IUJ);
    UM Foundation re-payments
  • Recruitment/Job Candidate Expenses (excluding meals-entertainment)
  • Reimbursements to UM Employees/Students for goods purchased at personal expense
  • Utility payments: natural gas, electric, water, sewer, garbage, telecommunication including cell phone
  • After-the-Fact Purchase <$5,000 (vendor does not accept ProCard)**
  • Entertainment/Meeting Expense/Alcohol Approval - SEE NOTE 1
  • Non-Employee/Non-Contract Payments - SEE NOTE 2; Non-Employee Expense Reimbursement - SEE NOTE 1
  • Grant/Facility Services subcontractor payments
  • Participant Support, Stipend, Scholarship, Human Subjects

** An After-the-Fact Purchase is when a University faculty or staff member makes a purchase without prior issuance of an approved PO or use of a ProCard.

NOTE 1: You must attach the following signed forms to the Non-PO Payment Form in GrizMart:

NOTE 2: If your proposed Honorarium does NOT meet the following definition, it must be a Contract Service: 
A payment given to a professional person for services for which fees are not legally or traditionally required. To the university that means a payment made to an individual for a presentation-oriented and or an invitational event that is short in duration (i.e. a lecture, talk or address) which does not require any terms or conditions.

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