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  • To receive a refund you must be paid with a credit balance and have no financial holds on your account
  • Refunds are directly deposited into a bank of your choice
  • UM uses a strategic partner, Higher One, to process refunds electronically
  • Students must notify Higher One where to deposit the funds
  • “ACH Transfer” – Direct Deposit to a bank of your choice
  • “Easy Refund” – open an on-line bank  account with Higher One


The University of Montana processes all student refunds electronically. New students will receive detailed instructions and information regarding the UM Refund Choice in a bright green envelope (pictured below):

UM Refund Choice Card

This is your key to select a refund choice/preference.   If you obtain loans, grants or scholarships to attend school, you may receive more money than you need to pay your tuition and other school-related expenses.  If a credit balance remains on your account after all charges have been paid, you will be issued a refund.   Even if a student doesn’t expect to receive a refund, it is important to select a preference.  A credit balance may occur due to a dropped or cancelled class, a change in meal plan, etc.   If all charges have been paid, a refund will be processed for the amount of the credit balance and sent according to the instructions provided by the student. 

You will be provided with a unique refund key code that will allow you to complete a form online that requires you to provide account information regarding the bank of your choice for a direct deposit. 

Additionally, the electronic refund program offers an option for students to open an FDIC insured online checking account with access to free ATMs on campus through our strategic partner, Higher One.

With this in mind, we offer this resource which includes a section on selecting a bank account that is right for you: Banking Your Money.



Authenticate the UM Refund Choice Card at:

Enter the unique key code or the 16-digit number on Higher One card and complete the following step-by-step instructions.

Click Here for a PDF version with screen examples.

1. Authenticate card

2. Create username and password.

3. Verify and complete personal profile

3. Click “Show me all choices” at the bottom of the “Learn about your Refund Choices” page

4. Select refund choice

5.  Select email notification preferences

6.  Review and print Summary page.

7.  Sign out.

Note:  Once you complete these steps, you will be sent an email summarizing your choice. You will also receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. This email will contain a confirmation code. It is important to confirm your email as this provides you with added security and ensures that you will receive necessary information.



From the Main Cyberbear Menu click each of the following:

Click on Personal Information
Click on Update Address & Phone
Click on Mailing (Current)

Log into CyberBear


GRIZ Central

Visit a Cashier in Griz Central if you have any questions or if you do not have access to CyberBear and require a printed application package.

Please contact:
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