Travel Account Numbers                                                             

62401                    In State Car Mileage - Personal Vehicle                 

62402                    In State Commercial Transportation (Air,Bus,Train)                         

62405                    In State Travel                  

62407                    In State Meals - Non overnight                 

62408                    In State Lodging                               

62409                    In State Car Rental (Gas purchased Activity Code Rntgas)                             

62411                    Out of State Car Mileage - Personal Vehicle                        

62412                    Out of State Commercial Transportation (Air,Bus,Train)                

62415                    Out of State Travel ( Excludes MT)                          

62417                    Out of State Meals - Non overnight                        

62418                    Out of State Lodging                      

62419                    Out of State Car Rental (Gas purchased Activity Code Rntgas)                    

62426                    Foreign Travel                  

62494                    NON Employee Mileage                              

62497                    Non Employee In State                

62498                    Non Employee Out of State (excludes MT)