Schedule of Meetings


MEETING DATES - Spring 2015

February 10:

“Recruiting prospective students to UM” – Associate VP for Enrollment and Student Success Sharon O’Hare

Gallagher Business Building 123

March 10:

“An update on the Data Science Initiative across our campus” – Professor of Geosciences and Assistant to the Provost for Special Projects Nancy Hinman

Gallagher Business Building 123

April 14:

“Living/learning programs in Residence Life” – Director of Residence Life Sandy Schoonover

“UM's Internationalization Lab” ‒ Paulo Zagalo-Melo, Associate Provost for Global Century Education

UC 332

May 5:

“The latest in research initiatives on our campus, plus, the recap of 2015 legislative session” – VP for Research and Creative Scholarship Scott Whittenburg

UC 332