Meeting Minutes - October 10, 2012

Perry Brown opened the meeting by introducing Shali Zhang, the new Dean of the Mansfield Library.

Bryn Hagfors, Vice President of the ASUM Senate

6 topics of Interest

1)      Joint meeting between ASUM and Missoula City Council was a success

  1. Off campus student housing (OCSH)was addressed in this meeting as a primary topic

                                                              i.      Missoula City Council is adding a committee member to the OCSH committee , because of  the drop in vacancy rate near campus; especially for sophomores that are looking to move out of University housing

                                                            ii.      Neighborhood Ambassador Program (NAP) will focus on quality of life issues in our community; NAP is looking to strengthen the relationships between property owners and students in the community surrounding the UM; allows ASUM to address potential problems such as: trash, parking, etc.; Focusing on positive relationships and lowering hostility towards student population

                                                          iii.      Mayor Engen was present at this meeting and stated that the City would contribute $10,000 to NAP to double the number of students involved in this program: Bryn asked that the University itself put funding toward this project

2)      Grants to replace buses on campus. ASUM received a matching grant to replace one bus with a new bus every five years. Any member of the community can use these buses. The first new bus will be running by November 2013. This solves many complaints about bus noise.

3)      Missoula College is a main focus of ASUM. ASUM endorses the place for the new building project and is making Missoula College a priority.

4)      ASUM has passed a resolution to sever the contract with Hire One this year. Engagement with students and the unwillingness to be upfront with their fees has led ASUM to these actions.

5)      Faculty Mentorship Program- helps build positive relationships between students, faculty and administration.

6)      6 Senate seats are opening up in ASUM this year.

President, Royce Engstrom

The President discussed his 3 City Tour

First, Washington DC to an Alumni event where Ashley McKeown has an exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum displaying her collaboration of research done on the early settlements on the East Coast.

Second, Minneapolis, MN, for visit with the Mansfield Foundation and their work with Government on critical languages. Mid-level government agencies learn about culture and language in East Asia. A sister organization of Mansfield Center.

Third, the President was invited to host a lecture on Chemistry education at his alma mater University of South Dakota.

Issues to Address:

1)Missoula College

A)    Tomorrow open house to help people understand why we need Missoula College and expansion of COT

B)    Growing importance of 2 year programs

C)    New building, next century of growth; infrastructure

D)    Integration with students from UM campus

E)     $47,000,000 requested from legislators, submitted to Regents, regents will work this issue until legislature meets


            A) 10,000 students have taken PETSA

Dr. Branch noted that they are still exploring mechanisms involving PETSA and the PETSA training is still mandatory

3) BOR meeting coming up in November, the President encourages administration to attend Wednesday evening

Barry Good noted that Missoula College name changes, signs,etc. for Missoula College will be unveiled at BOR, Wednesday, November 14th-Please Attend

Thursday evening this week will be an exhibit reception with the Regents as well as all attending Fiddler on the Roof production.

Saturday, November 17th- Griz/Cat Football Game

3) Enrollment –we are looking hard at this year’s enrollment and will be seeing what we need to do and which students are effected and why.

4) Change the format of UM Council Meetings to be more interactive with comments and questions.

Jeff Renz- Faculty Senate Chair

MUSFAR-Umbrella for all MUS Faculty Senates across Montana

MUSFAR- Working on two main issues:

1)      when and how other units acquire PhD granting authority

2)      optional retirement plan

UM Faculty Senate- Issues of Importance    

1)      Search committees

2)      Providing oversight for Missoula College in regards to the rest of campus

3)      Interdisciplinary degrees

4)      Language requirement- moving away from approving symbolic systems as a language requirement

5)      Vacancy impact study-filling vacancies in regards to faculty-will provide numbers to a survey very soon and release a report in a week or two

Darlene Samson- Staff Senate

1)      Staff senate conducted a survey last year but will do another survey to gather more information in December about professional climate

2)      Focus on more Professional Development- Happiness project- get supervisors involved

3)      Moral is not high with staff members- will try a movie night with child care and a staff social at Ten Spoon Winery on Oct .11; staff noted not enough time to socialize with their peers

4)      Continuation of newsletters, campus communication, Facebook

5)      Establish fundraising committee to support SS activities

6)      Work with MUSSA to enhance working conditions and address staff salaries

7)      Continue representation of Staff across campus

8)      Recognition and awards-Kudos, SS Website, Employee awards, campus interaction