Minutes - September 6, 2011

President Royce Engstrom welcomed everyone to the first University Council meeting of the new semester.  He stated that the purpose of this committee is “communication” across campus. 

University 101 – Planning-Assessment Continuum and Budget Decisions:

Vice President, Bob Duringer, gave a presentation on where the budget decisions fit in the cycle of the strategic planning process and the results of that planning process.  He explained that the process actually started with the Board of Regents Strategic Plan, followed by UM 2020 which outlined the Strategic Issues of UM, and finally by creating the Institutional Budget.  Attached with these minutes are handouts associated with the FY 2012 All Funds Budget.

VP Duringer explained the process that went into the budget allocation process for FY 12/13:  the Planning Committee met and called for proposals from all sectors of campus, organizing them into the Strategic Issues Categories:

Partnering for Student Success

Education for the Global Century

Discovery & Creativity

Dynamic Learning Environment

Planning-Assessment Continuum

The Planning Committee prioritized the requests and created an integrated and prioritized list that was submitted to the Council of Vice Presidents and the President for final decision and implementation. 

Allocation handouts showing the budget distribution for Acute Issues, sorted by Sector, Strategic Goal and One Time Only were distributed to the group.  The next step in the process will occur with the Assessment Committee to see the progress UM is making with the strategic initiatives.   The process is beginning again for FY14/15.

Open discussion:

Provost Perry Brown discussed his Internal Budget Process to bring forward the most appropriate budget issues to the Budget Committee.  He asked every dean and unit manager to submit proposals forward.  Each was able to give presentations on their proposal and the group was able to discuss and agree that some were able to be across sections.  Lists were finalized at that point and submitted to the Budget Committee.  The process was able to categorize the necessary items before the wants – with some items held over to the next budget cycle.  This process allowed for planning for needs and evaluation of what is urgent. 

Additional monies for budget issues were available from the tuition increase (for campuses other than COTs), and the reallocation of funds previously paid to MSU for students, when in fact UM had more students.  This amount will be 9M over the three year period and paid from MSU to UM.  This year, the Regents also will allocate differently, with amounts distributed to UM and MSU, and those campuses will then allocate to their affiliate campuses.  President Engstrom commented that the COT will get more added to their base, because they did not get a tuition increase.

Associate Vice President, Bill Muse, reported that revenue for the Summer Session was right on target.  Although it’s too early to tell for Fall Semester, he doesn’t believe there will be large overages in enrollment as UM had seen in the previous year.  Growth has pretty much leveled off.

A comment was made that perhaps this budget information needs to be given to the faculty and staff.  Faculty is in a more reactive mode - not really knowing and only guessing about certain issues.  Can this information be brought directly to each department?  Does the faculty have a sense of the process in general?   Since there are lots of new accomplishments, this needs to be shared.  Deans will be soliciting more ideas and information from faculty as to the needs of the departments. 

The biomass plant is continuing; the Air Quality Permit is currently in the appeals process with about 10 days remaining; natural gas projections continue and fuel sources are being ironed out.

It was announced that both Stephen Sprang and Terry Weidner received grants.

The issue of the Tobacco Free initiative on campus was discussed.  Bob Duringer reported that 65 signs have been put up around campus.  The true test will be this Saturday at the first home Grizzly Football game.  Vice President Branch commented that there is a website to give both positive and negative comments.  The committee will be happy to address them.

Topic for next meeting:

President Engstrom asked the group to come up with ideas for ways to make these University Council meetings more interesting and get a bigger crowd from both on and off campus folks.  Some ideas might be to do a Kaimin article, renaming of the group to make it less “official” sounding, etc.   President Engstrom also called for topics that might appeal to a wider audience.  

Meeting Handouts:

FY2012 All Funds Budget

Allocations of FY2011 Reserves

Approved Funding - Strategic Iniatives - 2012-2013

FY2011 Approved Spring OTO Distributions for Acute Issues

FY2012 Budget Additions by Sector

FY2012 Budget Additions by Strategic Goal