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Administration & Finance

Policy Number: 201.11

Policy: Art Siting Policy

Date Adopted: September, 2006

Revision Date: June, 2009

References: MCA 22-2 401-408

Approved By: George M. Dennison, President

Art on The University of Montana Campus

The role of art on The University of Montana campus is to present inquiring and developing minds with a sense of aesthetics and in so doing, to provide human made experiences of balance and proportion, harmony, grace and beauty.  It is also to provide images that inspire contemplation, questioning, and re-examination.  Art allows us to reflect upon, inform and reform our perceptions of the world.                           

UM’s Art Siting Program/Percent for Art Policy

While state-based building projects fall under the administrative services of the Montana Arts Council, (the full Act is listed under Libraries, Arts and Antiquities in the Montana Code Annotated Section 22-2-401-408), UM-funded or privately funded projects do not.  When considered a UM-funded or privately funded project, the selection, siting, installation and maintenance costs of artworks are determined and managed by the UM Art Siting Committee.

On June 22, 1998, Series E Revenue Bond Procedures incorporated UM’s Percent for Art Policy, which states:

Each bond project (with the exception of Administrative Computing, Stadium renovations, Crosswinds acquisition and parking improvements) shall budget one percent (1%) of the construction cost for art.  The selection and siting of any art to be purchased by this allocation shall comply with appropriate campus policies. 

Art selected through the Art Siting Program are considered part of the Montana Museum of Art & Culture’s  Permanent Collection at The University of Montana.  The Permanent Collection consists of more than 10,000 artworks and objects, some of which are on view in our public buildings, offices, lobbies and outdoor locations.  

Policy Procedures

Request for Temporary Exterior Art Site

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