Policy Number: 301.1

Policy: Cash Funds (Change/Petty Cash)

Date Adopted: 01/91

Revision Date: 01/04, 3/13 

References: MCA 17-6-101

Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

Cash funds are monies withdrawn from The University of Montana, Business Services - Treasury to conduct certain business activities of the campus. Cash funds can be in the form of a change or petty cash fund. A cash fund provides coin/currency necessary to conduct cashiering or similar functions, which are normal business activities of The University of Montana. The total change fund remains intact at all times. It is NEVER used to make purchases, provide advances, or for anything other than providing coin or currency necessary in making change for a University cash operation.

All cash funds are issued to appropriate employees of the University through the Treasury Services area within the Office of Business Services.

Petty cash is used to facilitate minor purchases under $50 and must be replenished at least monthly.