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2013 Faculty/Staff Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 award winners!

Academic Administrator Award

Maxine Ramey

Director, School of Music

The Academic Administrator Award recognizes outstanding performance in the fulfillment of assigned responsibilities by an academic departmental chair or program director.

Maxine Ramey has exhibited dynamic and visionary leadership in the School of Music through the growth and excellence of its programs, accreditation, study abroad experiences, and management of special events and festivals. In addition, she has shared her administrative skills in her leadership role with the International Clarinet Association.

Americans with Disabilities Act Award

Janet Sedgley

Computer Systems Analyst, Information Technology

This award honors individuals whose important contributions advance education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities at The University of Montana-Missoula.

During her 28 years at The University of Montana, Janet Sedgley has continually embraced the spirit of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. She led the way in integrating assistive technologies in the classroom and across campus. Janet has maintained a vision for UM as a completely accessible campus and deserves recognition for her tireless efforts.

Distinguished Scholar Award

Anya Jabour

Professor, Department of History

The Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes faculty who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of research, creativity, or other scholarly activities.

Professor Anya Jabour’s numerous books and articles on women, families, and children in the Civil War era have received national attention. Her mentorship of graduate students has led to their acceptance into competitive programs at the Newberry Library, the National Endowment of the Humanities, and the Gilder Lehrman Institute. She also shares her knowledge of U.S. women’s history with adult learners and public school teachers around the state.

Distinguished Service to International Education Award

Leonid Kalachev

Professor and Chair, Mathematical Sciences Department

This award is presented to a member of the UM community who has an outstanding record of distinguished service to international education at UM.

Dr. Leonid Kalachev’s activities and successes in international education are extremely impressive. His impact has been felt campus wide, with three of the University’s current international exchange agreements in place because of his leadership. Moreover, he has had a big impact on Mathematical Sciences Department faculty in regards to international education. Finally, he has had a significant impact on students, both at UM and at the University College Cork, Ireland.

Distinguished Teaching Award

Jean Luckowski

Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

This award is bestowed on a faculty member who has exhibited a history of excellence in classroom teaching and demonstrated a quality long-term impact upon students.

During her 30 years as a faculty member in Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Jean Luckowski earned consistently high teaching evaluations from thousands of students. She has demonstrated a commitment to teaching large undergraduate sections and developed a model professional ethics course that has been cited in leading education journals. Her legacy of dedication to students and her gifts as an educator will live on through her many former students, now teachers themselves.

Graduate Assistant Teaching Award

Michael King

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology

The Graduate Teaching Award was established by the UM Center for Teaching Excellence, the Graduate School, and the Office of the Provost to honor outstanding teaching by a graduate teaching assistant.

Mike King has not only proven an exemplary Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Sociology but has also simultaneously proven an exemplary student workshop leader in the Department of Chemistry. Mike’s motivation for teaching and his abilities to instruct and assist students have directly contributed to his graduate academic focus in the sociology of education. His thesis in progress investigates the influence of motivation on the educational outcomes of pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students.

J.B. Speer Award for Distinguished Administrative Service

Rosi Keller

Associate Vice President, Administration and Finance

The J.B. Speer Award for Distinguished Administrative Service honors an administrator who has made an extraordinary commitment and contribution to The University of Montana.

Rosi Keller has dedicated 29 years to serving The University of Montana. In every capacity, she has been diligent in her efforts to promote the positive attributes of this university. The past year presented unique challenges, and Rosi met those challenges as a valued steward with a stabilizing force that insured our path of progress. She exemplifies professional excellence and extraordinary character as well as commitment and dedication. She remains focused on taking the high road, choosing a path of integrity, honesty, clarity, and valued professionalism. Thank you, Rosi.

Montana Faculty Service Award

Jean Carter

Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

The Montana Faculty Service Award recognizes a faculty member who has a history of providing superior, effective service that benefits The University of Montana.

Professor Jean Carter has demonstrated to our school and the UM community at large that service can be done willingly, collaboratively, and with benefit to all constituencies. Her leadership in compiling the School of Pharmacy self-study for accreditation, along with her campus leadership on ECOS, the ASCRC Writing Committee, and the Unit standards committee, all demonstrate her ability to contribute to the general welfare of the campus.

Most Inspirational Teacher of the Year Award

Doug Dalenberg

Professor, Department of Economics

The Most Inspirational Teacher of the Year award is voted on by students in recognition of a professor who has had an extraordinary impact on their lives.

The student group Silent Sentinel chose Professor Doug Dalenberg of the Department of Economics as this year’s Most Inspirational Teacher. His devotion to his students is truly inspiring - he has spent countless hours mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students, explaining complex issues in office hours, offering advice on research topics, and otherwise helping students reach their full potential.

Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award

Steven Hesla

Professor, School of Music

The Nancy Borgmann Diversity Award, named in honor of a former Director of the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, recognizes contributions made by individuals or agencies that support the University’s mission on diversity.

Steven Hesla has been an advocate for the LGBT community at UM for decades. He has served as a mentor and confidant and provides assistance to students who need services, counseling, medical assistance and academic advising. His commitment to diversity at UM makes him a role model for us all. Said Maxine Ramey, the Director of the School of Music, who nominated Steven, “In my 25 years in college teaching, I have never known a person to be such a bright light for the LGBT community.”

Outstanding Faculty Advising Award

Gene Burns

Professor, Health and Human Performance

The Outstanding Faculty Advising Award recognizes a faculty member who has contributed substantially to excellence in undergraduate academic advising.

Professor Gene Burns is recognized for both his expertise regarding advising practices and for his patience and compassion when engaging with students. He is well versed in the curricula of all of the professional areas in his department and enthusiastically embraces the job of learning about each student’s individual challenges, strengths, and goals. For 27 years, Dr. Burns has demonstrated a particular passion for advising those students who are struggling. He has served these and all students well as a tireless advocate for their well-being, often mentoring them beyond graduation. *Dr. Burns could not be here to accept this award; Scott Richter, the chair of the Health and Human Performance department, will accept the award on his behalf.

Outstanding Mentoring Award

John Sommers-Flanagan

Professor, Counselor Education

The Outstanding Mentoring Award will be granted annually to a faculty member who has contributed substantially to the career development and retention of one or more untenured but tenure-track faculty members.

Professor John Sommers-Flanagan is a skilled mentor who is highly invested in his colleagues’ development as scholars, teachers, advisors and members of the academic community. For his junior colleagues, he has provided opportunities for co-authorship and joint grant submission, nominated them for recognition, and provided new professional connections. Most notable is Dr. Sommers-Flanagan’s approach to mentoring other faculty; he is seen as a caring and trustworthy colleague who is both wise and supportive.

Outstanding Service to Students Award

Kathy Frantzreb

Administrative Associate, School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science

The Outstanding Service to Students Award recognizes exemplary service by staff, including academic and personal advising, to the student body.

Beyond the obligatory job duties that Kathy performs with utter competence and keen efficiency, she is a humanitarian, first and foremost. She has brought humor and encouragement at just the right times during a curriculum that is intense and stressful, a personal touch that is rare for someone serving the needs of so many others.

Outstanding Service to Campus Community

Andrea Vernon

Director, Office for Civic Engagement

The Outstanding Service to Campus Community Award recognizes employees who serve campus and UM employees in an exemplary manner.

Andrea Vernon’s positive impact on The University of Montana’s campus community is widespread. She has helped to create and sustain structured, high-quality service learning opportunities, advanced nonprofit studies programs, reliably garnered national recognition for UM’s community engagement efforts, developed and maintained strong community partnerships, raised significant funds to support service learning and civic engagement, and continuously provided stellar student advising and support. She fully embodies UM’s underlying values of leadership, engagement, diversity, and sustainability.

Outstanding Staff Award–Campus Interaction & Meritorious Job Performance

Cheryl Minnick

Employment Services Coordinator, Internship Services

This award focuses on a staff member who not only exceeds expectations within the department, but also interacts and provides service to campus, someone who creates a positive impression of his or her department by his or her spirit of service, interactions with others, and impact outside of the department.

Cheryl Minnick’s excellence in her position as Employment Services Coordinator, her commitment to campus community, spirit of service, interaction with others, and impact outside of her department create an  overwhelmingly positive impression of The University of Montana. She is much deserving of this recognition.

Outstanding Staff Award–Excellence In Job Performance

Geri Fox

Program Coordinator, School of Law

This award focuses on a staff member who excels in all aspects of his or her position, someone who possesses an excellent work ethic and has an extraordinary impact within the department as a role model, connecting with students, staff, faculty, or administrators.

Not only does Geri Fox admirably fulfill her tasks as Clinic Coordinator, she willingly serves in many other capacities, going above and beyond what was set forth in her job description. Everything she undertakes is completed to the very highest standard. Few people have such a positive impact on colleagues.

Outstanding Teamwork Award


Danielle Wozniak, Christine Fiore, Rick Hughes, Robert Squires, and Beth Hubble

The Outstanding Teamwork Award recognizes staff from any office, unit, department, or group for working exceptionally well together to perform the assigned mission.

The PETSA Team’s work is mission critical in its efforts to change the culture of our student body, and they continue to make outstanding contributions to this University. This team works together to meet every challenge that is presented to them. They consistently exceed expectations and set a high standard of excellence. This team is extremely creative and talented. Without exception they are hardworking, dedicated individuals who don’t just show up to work each day. They truly function as a team, each knowing that’s what it takes to keep UM competitive.