Emeritus Nomination

To be eligible for emeritus status, a retired faculty member must have:

  • been employed by the University of Montana for no less than ten years, and
  • maintained a record of excellence in teaching, research/creativity, and service.
  • Please note, emeritus status is an honor conferred upon a retiree. It is not associated with employee/retiree privileges. For more information about retirees' benefits and privileges, please see the Retirees' Association website.

To nominate a retired faculty member:  

  1. Work with the college/school dean to make a recommendation to the Provost. Please include a brief narrative with your nomination that describes the nominee's qualifications for emeritus status.
    1. Use the ITEM TEMPLATE form found on the MUS Form Website
    2. sample proposal
  2. The Provost will then make a recommendation and submit Level II BOR paperwork to the President.
  3. The President will send the recommendation to the Board of Regents.

Additional Information:

Questions? Contact Jasmine Zink Laine (243-6135)