Collegiate Trademark Licensing Program

The traditions and spirit shared by UM students, alumni and supporters have created a demand for products that display the marks, symbols and insignia that are associated with the University. In response to this demand and with a strong belief in the need to positively promote while protecting its trademark rights, the University has created a Trademark and Licensing Program.

Through this program, UM protects and enhances its reputation by assuring that its trademarks appear only on quality products with minimal liabilities to both UM and purchasers of these products. By assuring that products are of high quality and in good taste, the University’s reputation is protected.

In 2001 and again in 2019, UM's licensing program received the Synergy Award as the best licensing program in America by the National Collegiate Licensing Association.

Commercial Use

The University’s name, in any word form, including the logo and approved visual symbols, is protected from commercial use without the University’s permission by federal trademark registration and is controlled through a carefully implemented licensing program as explained above. Permission may be granted to commercial entities that meet the University’s licensing requirements.

Information about the licensing program – its requirements and obtaining permission to use the University’s marks – is available through UM's Licensing Director Erika Palmer by calling 406-243-2317 or emailing

More than a label

All officially licensed University of Montana merchandise is labeled with an “Officially Licensed Collegiate Product” seal. Products that don’t display this label have been produced without the University’s permission and are subject to penalty. The “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label not only signifies that the merchandise has passed the standards set forth by the University, it signifies that a portion of the purchase is returned to the University. Revenue generated from the sale of licensed products helps assist University programs, making the University brand truly more than a label.