Event Policies & Forms

Policies & Procedures

The University of Montana policy on alcohol is consistent with that of the state law of Montana. Montana law prohibits the sale of, or consumption of, any alcoholic beverage by any person under the age of 21. If you plan on having alcohol at an event on Campus, you must go through University Catering to make the necessary arrangement. If you are planning on using the alcohol vendor for more than four hours at your event, University Catering will need to get permission from the President. Food and security are necessary for any event that has alcohol.

No animals are permitted in any campus buildings or other University facilities with the exception of service or companion animals.

Campus affiliated groups may book a mall table in the UC atrium for the purpose of disseminating information free of charge. Tables are booked no more than two weeks in advance. We book eight tables a day and cannot guarantee the exact location of your table. Groups are asked to arrive by 11am or they forfeit their table. If your group wants to sponsor a non-profit group, someone from your group must be present at the table.  Displays must not be left unattended or overnight. Do not aggressively pursue individuals; rather allow them to come to your table. No-showing for your reserved table may result in loss of booking privileges. Tables may not be moved outdoors. Non-profits or individual students may book a table for a small fee.

Allowable only for campus affiliated groups, all bake sales on campus require approval from the Missoula City-County Health Department, 301 West Alder, Missoula, Montana 59802 (406) 258-4755. The approved form must be brought to the Conference and Event Planning Office before the bake sale can be scheduled. All food items for sale must be individually pre-wrapped.

To host an event or place signage on the Oval, one must get an Oval Request Form from the Conference and Event Planning Office, sign the form, and return it to the Conference and Event Planning Office. The office will then fax the form to the President's Office for approval. You will be notified as soon as Presidential Approval is received. Amplification of sound for Oval events is allowed from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. only.

Any space not canceled will be considered confirmed and subject to applicable charges. The Conference and Event Planning Office may utilize a cancellation scale to determine such charges. For student groups, please cancel your reserved space by noon the day prior if not sooner.

All non-university clients must provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of one million per occurrence to cover the scheduled event(s). The University of Montana must be named as an "additional insured" and held harmless. This is only required for large events, concerts, etc. not for meetings, conferences, intimate gatherings, banquets.

Each group is responsible for basic clean-up of the space used. We ask that you leave the room in the condition that you found it. If anything is left in the room at the end of your event, it will be removed and put in lost and found. Lost and found is located at ShipEx on the first floor of the UC. The UC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

All organizations and individuals must comply with Federal Copyright Laws. Events that may require permission from an author or publisher include showing movies, producing plays, playing audio recordings, or reprinting artwork for use on advertising. Contact the Conference and Event Planning Office for assistance in determining whether permission is necessary and how to obtain it.

The University Center does not provide decorations for your event. However, catering may be able to assist with some decorating (i.e. tablecloths, centerpieces).

Room rental will apply for venues held in advance at the request of the client for decorating, setup, rehearsal, etc. Otherwise, advance holds will not be made available until the week of the event if not already reserved for other clients.

Decorating rules are as follows:

  • Decorations must be non-obtrusive in that they do not cause physical damage to the facility.
  • Keep all paper and cloth free from light fixtures.
  • Nothing shall be hung or attached to ceiling sprinkler heads or light fixtures.
  • Nails, tacks, staples, or other sharp objects are not to be driven into walls, floors, doors, ceilings, or tables.
  • Decorations must not be attached to curtains, draperies, or air vents.
  • Balloons need to be weighted down.
  • Masking tape, scotch tape, two-sided (carpet) tape, or duct tape cannot be used. For your convenience you can borrow easels, dividers and tables to display materials in your rooms.
  • All freestanding decorations must be stable and anchored securely.
  • Glue is not to be used on any surface.
  • Sand, mud and gravel are not permitted.
  • No Fake Snow in large amounts.
  • No glitter for decorating use.
  • Water tubs, water fountains, etc are not permitted.
  • Do not hang anything on air-walls. Do not attempt to move air-walls. Any move must be scheduled with the UC Conference and Event Planning Office and coordinated with UC setup crew.
  • Fire extinguishers, alarm pull stations, alarm horn strobes, and exit doors and corridors are not to be hidden or obstructed.
  • No live plants/trees are allowed.
  • Candles must meet international fire code, have prior approval from the Conference and Event Planning Office, and have written permission from the Office of Public Safety that the CEPO will obtain. If prior permission is not granted, your candles may be not allowed to be lit the day of your event.
  • Conference and Event Planning can offer suggestions on ways in which to decorate a space without causing damage.
  • A decoration policy form must be obtained from the office, signed and returned before decorating.

For departmental business and events such as staff meetings, staff training and staff receptions, facility rental fees are offset by the President's Office; the department is only responsible for the set-up fee. Facility rental fees are not waived for events that are promoted to off-campus groups or for events that have an admission or registration fee. Departments do receive a 25% discount on room rental rates for events they sponsor. Please contact our office for a detailed price sheet.

You are more than welcome to bring in your own DJ or band for your event. They often have their own equipment, however the UC does have audio equipment available to rent if needed. If a live band is playing, campus assisted electrical hookup may be required at an additional cost- see Electrical Rules and Regulations. You may want to have the DJ or Band call the Conference and Event Planning Office directly and we can assist them.

All equipment and electrical connections, installations, assemblies, motors or any electrical operating gear must conform to all federal, state, and local electrical and fire codes.

Under no circumstances shall anyone other than "house electrician" make electrical connections for high amperage temporary power.

Exhibitors shall be prohibited from using equipment not properly protected by some type of overload circuit breaking device.

Any concerns (i.e. room temperature, room set-up, spills, accidents, etc.) should be reported as soon as possible to the Conference and Event Planning Office. After hours you can reach the building manager by calling 243-5817.
If the fire alarm sounds during your event, everyone must evacuate the building as quickly as possible.

If you are thinking about hosting your reception at the University of Montana and need an estimate of facility costs involved, we can provide an estimate for you based on provided information. An estimate is a proposal to outline most of the anticipated costs associated with your event. An estimate does not reserve actual space for your event; it is for planning purposes only.

The UC Theater has the ability to show film in 35mm, DVD, and VHS formats. In order to properly format the film, the projectionist requires DVD and VHS films 24 hours in advance and 35 mm films 48 hours in advance. Hourly technician fees apply during film formatting as well as during the course of the film's viewing if required.

The University Center has first right of refusal for the use of the theater in its use of student activity programming over the course of the academic year. Otherwise, the theater is reserved using the same policy on a first-come-first-serve basis as the other UC facilities and is not held for regularly scheduled academic classes.

In accordance with Federal Copyright laws, organizations and individuals wishing to engage in non-home showings of videos and DVD's must secure a license to do so, regardless of whether an admission fee is charged. This legal requirement applies equally to profit and non-profit organizations.

Menus and service should be confirmed three business days prior to the event. Events scheduled or changed within that the three day period are subject to a late fee of $25.00 or 10% of the total bill, whichever is greater. You will also be assessed for any unrecoverable costs that are incurred in addition to late fees.

Please finalize event details with the Conference and Event Planning Office at least three business days prior to your event. Major changes may result in a late- fee assessment.

All flames, including candles, for decorations are prohibited in the UC. Any smudging for ceremonial purposes must be approved ahead of time.

University Dining Services has the first right of refusal to provide all food and beverage for events held on The University of Montana campus. An outside vendor may not provide catered food and beverage services in University Center facilities without signed permission from University Dining Services. Organizations or individuals using campus facilities may not sell any food or beverages provided by a non-campus vendor. Donated food and/or beverages must be approved in writing by University Dining Services.

The UC is capable of specialty lighting, audio, video or technical needs for your event.

For campus affiliated groups, if you book a space and do not show up, your group will receive a phone call or email. If it happens a second time, your group will receive a written warning. After a third time, your group will lose booking privileges for the remainder of the semester.

For campus affiliated groups that repeatedly cancel space, they may be subject to administrative charges in lieu of lost revenue. In addition, sanctions may be leveled at groups, departments, or organizations who routinely do not follow through on tentative reservations, upon recommendations of the Conference and Event Planning Office and./or direction from the UC Board.

Off-campus groups will be invoiced scheduled facility rental charges for space held that was not canceled with the Conference and Event Planning Office.

Amplification of sound on The Oval and in the University Center is allowed between 12 pm and 1 pm only. University staff have the right to stop and/or move your event if the noise level is deemed disruptive or interferes with academic or administrative activities.

During normal business hours (7am-5pm) Monday thru Friday during the school year, you need to either purchase a daily parking pass or pay to park in hourly University parking lots. Daily or weekly passes can be obtained at the University Center Information Desk or at Facility Services. Hourly ticket dispensers are placed in parking lots and cost 1 dollar for one hour. Conference and Event Planning can assist in obtaining group parking passes in advance for the convenience of your attendees.

Room rental payments for the larger venues are to be paid in full 30 days in advance from the event date. About 10 days after the event you will receive an invoice for other additional services and costs—for example catering. Invoices can be paid by cash, credit card, or a check made payable to the University of Montana.

Allowable only for campus affiliated groups, pizza parties and potlucks are allowed at events or meetings closed to the general public. If a mess is left in the room after the event, a clean-up fee will be charged.

Pyrotechnics including fog-machines are prohibited in the University Center.

Due to demand on the UC facilities, rooms will not be held for rain back-up unless room rental is to be paid for the venue. Otherwise, Conference and Event Planning will work with groups forty-eight (48) hours prior to the event to secure an indoor location if available. Room rental will apply as well for venues held in advance at the request of the client for decorating purposes.

In order to have the rental fee for rooms waived, you must be an ASUM recognized student group. Depending on the size and location of your event a set-up fee may be applied. The Conference and Event Planning office will inform you of any set-up fees ahead of time.

  • Facility rental fees are waived for University of Montana-Missoula departmental functions, such as staff meetings and training sessions
  • Departments can rent UC facilities for external functions, such as events that are promoted to the public, charge admission or registration fees
  • Rental fees for departments are based on the current rate schedule less a 25% discount

Guests or off-campus groups will be charged facility rental fees per the current rate schedule.

The rental fee is waived unless the student organization charges admission or registration fee to the event, in which case a rental fee is assessed per the current rate schedule.

The University of Montana provides a safe and healthy environment for its employees, students, and visitors. In light of the U.S. Surgeon General's findings that exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke and use of tobacco causes significant health hazards, The University of Montana will become a tobacco-free environment, effective Fall Semester 2011. View the Tobacco Free UM Policy.

When scheduling space in the UC, every effort is made to guarantee specific rooms. However, on occasion, it may become necessary to move a group to a different room in order to accommodate all building users. Whenever possible, when this happens, all parties involved in the reassignment will be notified prior to the event and appropriate signage will be provided and posted by the UC.

University users may co-sponsor an event with an off-campus client. As a co-sponsor, you assume joint responsibility for the event including playing an active role in the planning and execution of the event as well as liability. A certificate of liability insurance with the University named as an additional insured party is required. If the group does not have its own insurance, event insurance can be purchased through the University's state risk management office. All revenue and expenses associated with the event must be processed though the University sponsor's account, unless otherwise approved.

  • Sponsor assumes joint responsibility for the event.
  • Both student organizations and sponsor must be actively involved with the initiation, coordination, planning, advertising and production of the event.
  • All revenues/expenses associated with the event must flow through the sponsor's banner account.
  • Sponsor must be prepared to assume responsibility for any damage during the event and for any unpaid changes.

We will tentatively hold space for your event for a period of time while you are deciding on venues and/or dates. We ask that as soon as you confirm or cancel your tentative room hold as soon as possible. During the time that you have a tentative hold on a space, if another client is interested in the space you are holding, we will contact you and ask you to make an immediate decision.

Menus and service should be confirmed three business days prior to the event. Events scheduled or changed within that the three day period are subject to a late fee of $25.00 or 10% of the total bill, whichever is greater. You will also be assessed for any unrecoverable costs that are incurred in addition to late fees.

Please finalize event details with the UM Conference and Event Planning Office at least three business days prior to your event. Major changes may result in a late- fee assessment.