The University of Montana, with its collaborators in Asia, is organizing two advanced studies workshops in computational biology. The first workshop was held in Thailand in 2022, and the second one will be held in Singapore in 2023. Universiti Putra Malaysia, the National University of Singapore, the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research of Singapore, the National Super Computing Center of Singapore, and the National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand are the collaborators in Asia for the workshops. Two 12-day-long workshops will focus on interactive lessons and collaborative work on participants' own research projects, as this approach has been successful in previous computational biology workshops. For 1-3 hours each morning, participants will receive didactic instruction in a wide range of computational biology subjects, covering analysis of sequence data, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics, and other advanced topics. Participants focus on interactive, hands-on training for the remainder of the day. They can work on the individual project they propose for the workshop. Such flexibility will allow the students to choose a project based on their interest, background, and need and learn at their own pace. The first workshop in Thailand focuses on computational biology's fundamental aspects, whereas the second workshop in Singapore focuses on more recent developments in computational biology. We expect most participants attending the first workshop to join the second workshop to further their computational biology skills and knowledge.

Two more one-week-long satellite workshops were held in Indonesia and Bangladesh in late 2022 and early 2023.