COMPBIO Asia Thailand 2022 June 12-25

Cross-Disciplinary Training in Computational Biology.

Hands-On Guidance and Instruction in:

  • Genome Sciences
  • Structure Prediction
  • Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  • Biomolecule-ligand affinity estimation
  • Emerging Topics

The University of Montana, in collaboration with the University Putra Malaysia and the National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand, is organizing advanced studies workshops in computational biology in Thailand. The workshop will cover topics in the analysis of sequence data, modeling of biomolecules, molecular dynamics, and other current and advanced topics. Scientists from the USA, Europe, and Asia will be present as instructors, as they were at the first workshop. The workshop is supported by NSF award # 1953405 and a TEIN award (Grant Contract ACA 2016/376-562, TEIN*CC Ref Asi@Connect-22-028)


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