Information for Parents

Counseling Services at Curry Health Center is the University of Montana’s resource for students’ mental health and developmental needs. We provide counseling, therapy groups, consultation, and informational seminars to benefit students and the entire University of Montana community.

Who We Are  

The Counseling Services staff is comprised of Master’s and Doctoral-level counselors and psychologists. Licensed by National and State agencies, Counseling Services professionals are schooled in the fields of counseling and psychology from accredited training programs and have a special interest/expertise in college student development. Counseling Services also hosts advanced graduate students and professionals completing requirements for their degrees or licensure. These interns are supervised by licensed staff members.

Counseling Services

Individual and group counseling is available for students on a variety of issues. Most students who utilize counseling discuss concerns related to anxiety, depression, relationships, past trauma, substance use, adjusting to college, academic/career choices, and identity. Because of the high demand for counseling services, we utilize a short-term counseling model. We have a session limit of 12 visits per academic year and there is a $25.00 fee for all individual sessions. However, the first counseling visit and participation in a group or seminar are free.

Referral Services

Should students need additional services or want more frequent counseling, Counseling Services can aid in a referral to community agencies/providers. Such decisions are based on the resources available at the time and the unique needs of the student.

Continuation of Counseling or Medication Referral/Management

Many new students have had prior counseling or take medication. Students are encouraged to meet with a Counseling Services counselor to determine the best course of action for establishing care at Curry Health Center Medical Services for medication management.

Informational Seminars

Part of the mission of Counseling Services is to help students successfully navigate their college experience by providing informational seminars. These seminars address mental wellness, stress management, interpersonal development and physical/emotional health. We offer them throughout the semester and are often invited to classrooms and residence halls.

Students in Distress/Emergency Situations

Counseling Services is available to students in emergency situations between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. If you are worried about your student, you can receive consultation from a Counseling Services staff member to discuss your concerns, learn how to be supportive, and discuss ways to encourage your student to seek help. While we don’t have the resources to “check in” on students who may be having difficulty, we will see students who come to our office in distress. Additionally, we work with concerned parties to determine appropriate resources for students in distress. 


UMT students 16 years or older are legally considered adults and therefore granted the legal right to obtain confidential mental health services.

Services at Counseling Services are confidential, and Counseling Services staff are legally and ethically bound to maintain students’ confidentiality. This means that Counseling Services staff cannot disclose whether or not a student is receiving services, details of their concerns, or what transpires in counseling to anyone, including parents. Such disclosures can only be made if the student grants written permission at the time of services allowing us to do so.

In emergency or life-threatening crisis situations, confidentiality can be broken in order to protect the student. This can include university staff, community responders, or parents, depending on the nature of the situation and the needs of the student. In such cases, the information disclosed is limited only to what is necessary to protect the student and disclosed only to those who are best able to help. Efforts are made to help the student utilize all available resources, including parents and family.