Counseling Services Fees

Any student who carries the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will get full coverage for their Counseling Service fees.

Fall and Spring Semester – for current enrolled students

  • No charge for the first session
  • $20 service fee for all other individual sessions
  • No charge for group sessions or seminars
  • $20 No Show fee for individual or group sessions (cancellations are not charged a No Show fee)

Summer Semester 

  • For students who are enrolled in summer, there is no charge for the first visit and the fee for on-going counseling is $20 per session                                                                                              
  • For students who are not currently enrolled in summer school, you can receive counseling services  if you were enrolled in the prior Spring semester. The fee for this service is $45 for any type of session

We are not Medicaid, Medicare or TRICARE providers. They will not pay for any services at Curry Health Center

Behavioral Health Options Fees

  • Phase 1: Alcohol Skills Training Seminar and online quiz: $100
  • Phase 2: Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students: $150
  • Phase 3: Outpatient Treatment: $200