Academic Departments


The Department of Counseling strives to provide an academically stimulating learning environment that engenders healthy intellectual and emotional development. We prepare students to function as competent, ethical professional counselors who work sensitively with a diverse array of needs and people in a wide range of school and mental health settings. Our department recognizes the need for professional advocacy and the importance of social justice. We also support the integration of ideas, cooperative endeavors, and respect for diversity.

Educational Leadership

The Department of Educational Leadership prepares students for careers in educational administration, both at the PK-12 and higher education levels, and empowers individuals and prepares professionals for leadership based on research of best practices. Our programs ready students to apply educational theory to professional practice and become leaders in a bright future.

Teaching & Learning

The Department of Teaching & Learning offers a focused, field-based teacher preparation program and a full range of graduate programs. Collaboration, diversity, and curricular integration are themes that guide the design and instruction of each of our programs and help us produce highly qualified, highly employable teachers.