Undergraduate Maximum Time Frame (Max Credits)

Undergraduates must complete their degrees within 150% of the average length of their program. A student pursuing an associate’s degree that is 60 credits long would need to complete the degree within 90 attempted credits. Similarly, a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree requiring completion of 120 credits must meet the degree requirements within 180 attempted credits.

Once an undergraduate reaches a threshold equal to or slightly above the length of their degree program they will receive notice from the financial aid office that their aid eligibility is on hold until they submit a degree plan as part of a max credit review (Max Credit Review to Extend Federal Financial Aid Eligibility form). The plan will then be reviewed to determine whether the student can complete their degree within the required timeframe.

Policy Details

Degree plans included with the max credit review, must detail the minimum coursework required for completion of the degree in the fewest course attempts. Students can only receive aid for courses required for their program; which in most cases would include an Option but not include a Minor.

At the point in time that an undergraduate can no longer complete the degree within the required timeframe they are ineligible for federal aid even if they have not reached the limit.

If a student only has one remaining course that is less than six credits they will not be eligible for student loans for that semester so students should plan accordingly.

Undergraduates who are enrolled in dual degrees or dual majors must complete the requirements for one of the degrees in the required timeframe. Once the requirements for one bachelor’s degree have been met the student will be treated as a post-baccalaureate student for aid purposes regardless of whether they formally apply for the degree.

Students who submit a degree plan and have their eligibility reinstated are expected to adhere to the stated program. If the student does not pass all the classes or does not complete within the detailed timeline because they enroll in additional courses not in the plan, they may have to resubmit a revised plan and may not receive approval under the revised plan.