Student Athletes


Prior to an international experience, student athletes should reflect on both their academic and athletic schedules. Studying abroad as a student athlete is a rewarding experience for many and an overseas opportunity can fit into a student’s overall academic plan, even if that plan is rigid between academics and athletics. The University of Montana has several international partners institutions that can both fit your academic interests and athletic passions. Additionally, summer study abroad experiences won’t cut into your sports season and provide the perfect time to stay in shape and study in a different country. The staff at Global Engagement are eager to work with you to tailor a study abroad experience for you in concert with your coach and academic advisors. Below are resources to help you be prepared for an international experience. We encourage you to discuss these topics with your advisers on campus and previous study abroad program participants.

Study Abroad Timing by Sport

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UM Resources

Academic Athletics Services - Speak with an academic advisor from Athletics to plan your academics as well as your coach to plan your athletic routine while abroad  

UM Financial Aid Office - Speak with the UM Financial Aid Office to determine your financial path and scholarships  

Nutrition Counseling  - Speak with a UM dietician to discuss what the food is like in your host country and to create a nutrition plan for while you’re abroad to support your fitness plans  

NCAA Information on Study Abroad

Service Break - Information from the NCAA on rules to participate in study abroad programs 

Teammates Abroad - NCAA story on Purdue University softball players studying abroad together in Germany 

Resources, Guides, and Personal Stories

How to Study Abroad as a College Athlete - Advice from a former student athlete on how to study abroad 

Fund for Education Abroad - Offers dedicated scholarships for student athletes (club, intermural and/or varsity student athletes) 

60 on Study Abroad: Student Athletes - A one-minute YouTube clip with valuable advice for student athletes considering a study abroad