Low-Income Students


Economically disadvantaged students face unique concerns in terms of being able to afford an international experience. Oftentimes, these students work part-time or full-time jobs while attending the university as a student, along with juggling other obligations such as social lives and extracurricular activities. As such, financial need is oftentimes one of the biggest barriers for students to study abroad. However, there are financial aid, scholarships, and grants available that make international programs attainable for students. Depending on your program of choice, your same financial aid can be applied where, sometimes, an international program can be cheaper than attending UM for a semester or a year. If you are concerned about the cost of studying abroad, the staff at Global Engagement are eager to work with you in discussing all of your available options for a successful and affordable time abroad.    

Below are resources to help you be prepared for an international experience. We encourage you to discuss these topics with your advisors on campus and previous study abroad program participants.

UM Resources

Office of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships  - Information about the many scholarships available for all UM students and contact information for Kylla Bennes, the Director of Prestigious Scholarships at UM   

UM Financial Aid Office - Speak with the UM Financial Aid Office to discuss your federal financial aid applicability and other scholarship opportunities  

UM Global Engagement Office UM Specific Scholarships  - Compiled list of available scholarships only for UM students to study at partner institutions around the world  

World Languages and Culture Scholarship Information - UM WLC compiled list of all available language departmental scholarships for students separated by each language   

Resources, Guides, and Personal Stories

Federal Aid for International Study - Department of Education information regarding the options for student federal financial aid loans for international experiences  

How to Study Abroad on a Budget and Still Have a Blast - Personal reflection and advice about how to make the most of your budget while abroad   

ISEP Financial Aid Information and Advice - Information and advice from the International Student Exchange Program about how to budget for study abroad, paying taxes and bills while abroad, and tips for planning your finances 

Available Scholarships

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program - Federally-funded grant program for U.S. undergraduate receiving a Pell Grant to participate in study abroad and global internships  

Boren Awards (Undergraduate & Graduate Options) - Federal funding for students to study in regions of critical national security interests to the US. Additional awards for language study are also available.  

External Scholarships and Grants - UM Global Engagement Office compiled list of available external scholarships for students  

Davidson Honors College Study Abroad Information - Information for Davidson Honors College students about two scholarships available for study abroad experiences