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Griz Card Center

Promo Cards

Promo Card Example: High Five Design

UMoney Promo Cards are the perfect prize for your department's contests and special events, giving your winners the flexibility to choose where to spend the UMoney at both on and off-campus locations. UMoney Promo Cards can be purchased for any amount and are an easy way to hand out prizes at your event. The winners, in turn, need only to bring the Promo Card to the Griz Card Center to redeem the UMoney amount. 

We will department bill the amount using an index code when the cards are redeemed. Promo Cards expire one year after the date the Griz Card Center issues the card. The Griz Card Center is not responsible for lost or stolen promo cards. The Griz Card Center does not report who redeems the promo cards unless the department explicitly requests that we do so. All deposits to employees will be reported to Human Resources for tax purposes. 

We have various themed promo cards, such as "High Five" (shown to the right), Thank You, or #winning. Please contact our office if you have any questions. You can requests promo card by completing the Promo Card Request Form