Welcome to the Human and Family Development

The Human and Family Development minor is an interdisciplinary minor concerned with the study of life-span human development and family relations, and the impact of biological, environmental, and socio-cultural factors on both. The HFD minor encompasses a broad range of areas: Early Intervention, Gerontology, Early Childhood, Typical Development, Developmental Disabilities, Family Development, and Exceptional Development. The minor is designed to supplement the knowledge base of students by providing a human and family development specialty orientation to their fields of major interest.

HFD Student Handbook (Coming Soon)

Students with career goals that include communications, psychology, education, social work, sociology, anthropology, pre-medical sciences, nursing, and physical therapy will benefit from the specialty orientation in human and family development.

Students with other career goals also will find the program rewarding. For example, a business major interested in family service administration or consumer economics; a radio-television major interested in children's programming; or, a forestry major interested in recreational management appropriate for a particular population.