Student Payroll


Student employment opportunities with the University of Montana are available at the Student Employment Career Services website which allows searches for part-time, on and off campus work study, non-work study, and volunteer positions in the following manner:

  • Job Search
  • Internship Search
  • Other Paid Opportunities Search

Visit: Career Services


When is an entire Hiring Packet required?

When hiring a Student Employee never before employed by the University. Hiring managers should send the new student employee to HRS with a completed  "Hiring Notification Form for Student Employees" (see "Student Hiring Forms") to complete their paperwork. Once the paperwork is complete, including the I-9 verification, the student employee will be given an "OK to Work" paper to bring back to the department. NO STUDENT EMPLOYEE MAY START WORK UNTIL THEIR PAPERWORK IS COMPLETE. 

When is a Hire Card required for Non-Work Study or Work-Study?

A Hire Card for Non-Work Study is only required when the Student Employee is being hired to a position they have not held before or have terminated. A new Work-Study Hire Card is required for the beginning of each academic year and summer session.

What are the hiring procedures for Non-Resident Aliens?

A complete hiring procedures guide can be viewed at Foreign National Resources.

What hiring forms are required for graduate teaching and graduate research assistants?

See Hiring Forms


For information regarding lost or stolen checks, returned checks or re-issuing checks, contact Human Resource Services at 406-243-6766.



Graduate research assistants and teaching assistants are governed by policies established by the graduate school. please contact Student Payroll Services with all of your payroll related questions or concerns.


Non-Work Study student employment differs from the Federal Work-Study Program in that students do not need to qualify on the basis of need and the employing department is responsible for 100% of the student's wages. 


For information regarding work-study awards, balance information and work-study hire cards, contact the Financial Aid Office on the 2nd floor of the Emma B. Lommasson building. Phone: 406-243-5373