Recycling Program Contribution

Dear Colleagues,

I ask you to consider supporting the University of Montana's recycling program (UM Recycling) through payroll deduction. UM Recycling collects and processes about one half ton of materials a day, diverting those materials from the landfill and shrinking UM’s carbon and water footprints. UM Recycling employs and trains numerous students, supervises interns, and has cooperated with a recycling technology class. 

A UM Recycling intern calculated that over one 15 year period, UM Recycling diverted an estimated 3,000 tons of materials from the landfill, cutting waterborne pollution by 12 tons and reducing air pollution the equivalent of taking more than 1,700 cars off the roads. In addition, UM Recycling saved at least 24,000 trees and 82 billion BTUs of energy; enough to power more than 780 homes for a year.

UM Recycling can accomplish much more with increased support. UM Recycling currently receives about 80 percent of its funds from a student recycling fee ($6 per student per semester). With increased funding, UM Recycling can handle more materials, put them back in circulation faster, keep recycling stations neater, and hire and train more students to work in recycling, a growing job opportunity.

Years ago, the University established a payroll deduction plan to enable faculty, staff, and administrators to join students in supporting recycling. At that time, several hundred faculty, staff, and administrators accepted the opportunity. However, participation has dwindled over time. We write now to remind the campus community of this important program and to urge your support.

We consistently hear from faculty, staff, and students that recycling is a critical and much-appreciated piece of UM’s sustainability efforts. Everyone who lives and works on this campus, as well as those who visit, expects to see a robust recycling program that meets the needs of our entire campus community. To do this, we rely on the support of everyone in the campus community, not just students. Please give whatever amount works for your budget; no contribution is too small or too large. As a challenge to the campus community, the Office of the President will match the total campus contribution, up to $1,000 per year.

To participate, please complete the HRS Payroll Deduction form.

IMPORTANT: Your signature is required, so please print, complete, sign, and send the form via campus mail to Human Resource Services. Be sure to write "UM Recycling" in the "Deduction Name" line at the bottom of the form.

We hope all faculty, staff, and administrators will consider joining our students in supporting the campus recycling program.  Thank you!