ASUM Legal Services

Field Placement
Academic Year/Summer

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Craig Cowie

Supervising Attorney

Louis Villemez, Jessie Lundberg


Professional Responsibility


Family Law, Criminal Procedure - Investigative, Criminal Procedure - Adjudicative

Areas of Emphasis

Family law; landlord/tenant law; consumer law; torts; contracts; civil procedure; criminal law; criminal procedure; identification of legal issues; legal research, analysis, and writing; factual investigation and development; problem-solving; objective and persuasive oral and written communication; client interviewing and counseling; office practice and procedure; professional ethics; negotiation; plea bargaining; civil litigation; criminal defense litigation; cross-professional collaboration; access to justice

Sample Projects

  • Advise and represent clients in family law disputes.
  • Advise and represent clients in landlord/tenant disputes
  • Mediate and negotiate University student  disputes

General Information

ASUM Legal Services provides legal services to students at the University. Law students will provide advice, brief services and representation on a variety of matters including dissolutions, negligence, consumer, contracts, landlord/tenant, wills, and other civil issues. Criminal matters are generally limited to misdemeanors.