ASUM Legal Services

Academic Year/Summer

Faculty Supervisor Professor Cynthia Ford
Supervising Attorneys
: Annie Hamilton, Geoff Mahar, Klaus Sitte

Prerequisite: Professional Responsibility, Family Law

Pre- or Co-Requisite:  Criminal Procedure - Investigative, Criminal Procedure - Adjudicative

Areas of Emphases: Family law; landlord/tenant law; consumer law; torts; contracts; civil procedure; criminal law; criminal procedure; identification of legal issues; legal research, analysis and writing; factual investigation and development; problem-solving; objective and persuasive oral and written communication; client interviewing and counseling; office practice and procedure; professional ethics; negotiation; plea bargaining; civil litigation; criminal defense litigation; cross-professional collaboration; access to justice

Sample Projects

  • Advise and represent clients charged with DUI
  • Advise and represent clients in landlord/tenant disputes
  • Mediate landlord/tenant dispute

General Information

ASUM Legal Services provides legal services to students at the University.  Seventy percent of its caseload is civil and 30 percent is criminal.  Students handle matters involving dissolutions (divorces), negligence, consumer, contracts, landlord/tenant, wills, and other domestic issues (adoption, name-change, etc.).   Criminal matters are generally limited to misdemeanors.  They include drug possession, DUI and other traffic citations, shoplifting, and disturbance and assault charges.