Office of Legal Affairs Child Support Enforcement Division

Field Placement
Academic Year

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Craig Cowie

Supervising Attorney

Patrick Quinn


Professional Responsibility, Family Law


Administrative Law

Areas of Emphasis

Family law; administrative law; civil procedure; ADR/mediation; public benefits law; professional responsibility; identification of legal issues; legal research and writing; civil litigation

Sample Projects

  • Update compendium of child support cases
  • Research child support guidelines formulae

General Information

The Office of Legal Affairs Child Support Enforcement Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (CSED) is the state agency tasked with enforcing parental child support obligations. Students placed with the CSED are exposed to the various roles performed by an attorney for a state agency. Field placement work includes attending administrative hearings, attending and participating in contested district court matters, drafting proposed legislation, determining compliance with federal and state statutes and regulations, preparing modifications of child support for approval by the district court, interpreting case law, and drafting responses to petitions.