University of Montana Office of Tech Transfer

Field Placement
Academic Year

Faculty Supervisor

Professor Elaine Gagliardi

Supervising Attorney

Zach Scott


Professional Responsibility

Pre-Requisite or Co-Requisite

Introduction to Intellectual Property


Advanced Intellectual Property

Areas of Emphasis

Intellectual Property (trademark issues, patent issues), Technology Transfer, Business Law, Employment Law, Contract Law, Agreement Drafting, Research and Writing, Problem-Solving, Advising and Counseling, Compliance with Federal Regulations, Policy Drafting, Policy Research, Administrative Agency Proceedings.

Sample Projects:

  • Draft technology transfer license, commercial and other types of agreements
  • Work with UM counsel on intellectual property issues such as ownership, IP litigation, subcontracting and collaboration, etc.
  • Research on federal and state regulatory matters
  • Evaluate likely and potential impact on UM of proposed activities
  • Re-evaluate and draft UM Tech Transfer policies

General Information

The University of Montana Office of Tech Transfer (UMTTO) supports the translation of intellectual property discoveries by UM faculty or staff into societal and economic value through encouraging partnerships with established companies and/or the creation of startup technology companies. The clinic student will have the opportunity to draft intellectual property agreements, licenses, material transfer agreements, and non-disclosure agreements; advise the University, faculty and staff on UM’s intellectual property rights policies, advise the best course of IP protection, and draft new UMTTO policies.  UMTTO also interacts with businesses and tackles issues related to business and employment law.