Visiting Students

Application Instructions (3L Students)

The Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana will accept third-year law students (visiting students) who apply to complete all or part of their final year of law study at the University of Montana, transferring credit to their ABA-accredited parent law school to fulfill the requirements for the juris doctor degree.

Admission is granted on a space-available basis. Visiting applicants will be evaluated primarily on the basis of their academic performance at their parent law school and their purpose for undertaking part or all of their third year of law study at the Blewett School of Law.

The deadline to apply as a visiting student is July 1. No decisions will be made with regard to visiting applications until the applicant’s complete first and second year law school transcripts are received.

Register for LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service (CAS) and follow the instructions to ensure a complete application.


 Fill out the general online application, noting you are applying as a visitor, and submit the $60 application fee through LSAC.
Attach a personal statement describing your interest in studying law at the Blewett School of Law.
Visiting applicants must submit official notification from the parent law school approving the student’s visiting status and confirming that the applicant is in good standing and is eligible to continue the study of law at the parent law school. This letter should be sent directly to the Blewett School of Law, Attention: Admissions.
Visiting applicants must submit an official transcript of the first two years of law school courses verifying the average in all law studies for which the student has registered and received a grade is equivalent to that required for graduation from the institution attended. The transcript should be sent directly to the Blewett School of Law, Attention: Admissions.
Visiting law students must arrange for financial aid through their home institution. The University of Montana financial aid office will cooperate with the disbursal of the home institution’s aid through a consortium agreement. Visiting students pay tuition to the University of Montana and financial aid is based on Blewett School of Law expenses.
Visiting students may not enroll in required courses except with permission of the instructor. Limited enrollment elective courses will be open first to continuing Blewett School of Law students.