UM Systems Training


The Cascade Content Management System (CMS) is the program we use to create and maintain University of Montana websites. Cascade allows site editors to focus on displaying quality content without having to worry about making their site work, brand management, etc... Cascade takes care of all of that for you. The Cascade Support website offers training, frequently asked questions, and a help guide on a variety of topics. 

  • The Cascade Basics guide and introductory tutorial video are intended to provide a foundational understanding of Cascade to new or beginner-level users before they start creating and maintaining web content. 
  • Web Technology Services holds Open Office Hours on a Zoom session every workday from 3 to 5 p.m. There will be someone available from the support team during that time to help you with any questions, or work with you to build and update your web site. 


Griz Hub is a useful tool to help the campus community stay connected. Members of the campus community can use Griz Hub to register and manage their own organization, enter and view UM events, find campus resources, and more.

To learn more about how to use GrizHub, read their FAQs and watch their short tutorial videos provided on the GrizHub website


GrizMart is the University of Montana’s online Procurement system designed to increase efficiencies in shopping, ordering, and buying goods. Users can search multiple vendor catalogs to find the products they want at a lower University negotiated price while reducing time spent price comparing. Shop for products, create purchase orders, and enter invoices seamlessly into Banner.

The GrizMart training website provides step-by-step guides on a variety of topics to help you learn to use GrizMart. 


Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by UM. UM Online provides a variety of Moodle training and Moodle resources to help instructors effectively use Moodle, including the below self-enrollable, self-paced online tutorials. Review the Moodle Resources website for more useful information. 

  • Moodle Basics for Faculty: Learn the basics and some advanced features of Moodle, UM's Learning Management System. It also includes a module on the basics of using Zoom, a web conferencing program for virtual class meetings and recordings. 
  • UMOnline Course Development Tutorial: Guides instructors through the course development process, content organization and layout, video production, student engagement activities and grade management. 
  • Moodle Gradebook Tutorial: An overview of the Moodle gradebook with best practices and tips for managing your gradebook. 


Navigate is a student success platform for students, faculty, advisors, administrators, and other student support services. UM uses Navigate to improve student success and facilitate communication among students, faculty, and staff across campus. 

For Advisors: Navigate is an easy way to schedule appointments, communicate, and document advising meetings with your students. With additional data integration from our student information system, Navigate can be considered a holistic view of students' academics. Additionally, advisors will have the ability to manage Early Alert feedback on student academic performance submitted by faculty throughout the semester, and help guide students to academic success.  

For Instructors: Navigate will allow instructors to schedule appointments, communicate with students, and notify students of their progress in their courses. Navigate functionality provides an efficient way for faculty to report concerns and guide students to the proper resources for success. 


Panopto provides lecture recording, screencasting, video streaming, and video content management. UM employees can create an account and log in with their NetID.  

Panopto is integrated with Moodle and UMOnline has a self-paced online tutorial on using Panopto in which people can self-enroll. They also offer live Panopto trainings and employees can sign up for these via the UMOnline Training site 

Additional Panopto training resources are available.  


U-Approve is a secure web application that allows all employees to participate in the creation, routing and approval of University business forms.

U-Approve help guides are available for a number of U-Approve applications, such as Electronic Hiring Forms, Request for Personnel Transaction, Budget Submission, and more.