What is Navigate?

Navigate is a student success platform for students, faculty, advisors, University administrators, and other student support services. The University of Montana will utilize Navigate to improve student success and facilitate communication among students, faculty, and staff across campus. Navigate will replace Starfish as UM’s student success management system beginning Fall 2020 Semester.

We will be rolling out Navigate in a phased approach. Phase I Navigate user groups for Fall 2020 Semester will include the entire campus advising community, Athletic Academic Services, Experiential Learning and Career Success, Financial Education Program, various tutoring programs, and the ASUM Renter Center. Our campus Early Alert initiative for all undergraduate courses will also be administered through Navigate.

Who uses Navigate?

Administrators: The Office For Student Success and their tech team has collaborated with IT and a number of end-user groups to implement and configure the Navigate system, and will continue to do so as they rollout additional Navigate features. OSS will also be responsible to train and support faculty, staff, and students during this project implementation. 

Advisors: Navigate will help advisors manage and communicate with their advisees. Navigate is an easy way to schedule appointments, communicate, and document advising meetings with your students. With additional data integration from our student information system, Navigate can be considered a holistic view of students' academics. Additionally, advisors will have the ability to manage Early Alert feedback on student academic performance submitted by faculty throughout the semester, and help guide students to academic success.

Instructors: Navigate will allow instructors to schedule appointments, communicate with students, and notify students of their progress in their courses.Navigate functionality provides an efficient way for faculty to report concerns and guide students to the proper resources for success.

Students: Navigate will help students to easily find their path to success by managing their to-do items, viewing important dates and deadlines, easily connecting with advisors, faculty, and other support staff, and being able to view services around campus that will provide extra assistance at every step toward degree completion.