Early Alert

Student Early Alerts

If you are taking an undergraduate level course, your instructor will have the opportunity to send you an Early Alert notification. The purpose of this notification is to relay an instructor’s concerns to the student's attention. There is no punitive action associated with an Early Alert notification. 

Q. What should I do if I get an Early Alert notification email?

1) As soon as possible, talk directly to your instructor about ways to improve your grade in the course. Your instructors believe you can achieve academic success and understand the best route to achieving this success. Depending on the probability of passing the course, you may want to discuss whether or not the instructor would consider approving a drop form or a grade option change (if the course is eligible for credit/no credit grading).

2) Find out if tutoring is available, or if you need to improve your note-taking/test preparation techniques. Click here to view the list of available tutoring resources and schedules.

3) You may also want to talk with your academic advisor to discuss additional options and other resources that may be available to help you successfully complete the course(s). If you are considering dropping the course or changing the grade option, you should also speak with your advisor about how this might change your graduation plan. *In most instances, your advisor's name and contact information can be found on your Profile page in Academic Planner.  If no advisor is listed or you intend to change your major, please refer to the Advising Directory for a contact name for your major.

Q. I didn't get any Early Alert emails. Does that mean I’m passing everything?

A. Possibly, but not every instructor provides Early Alert notifications. It is strongly recommended that you review your grades for assignments, quizzes and tests in all your courses to make sure you are on track.

Q. How do I know how I’m doing in my classes?

A. Every class is graded a little differently. Check your course syllabus for information on  how homework, quizzes, class participation, exams and papers contribute to your final grade. When in doubt, talk with your instructor or TA about your class standing.


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