Letters of Recommendation

Three letters, two of which should be written by Faculty members.

Applicants will need three letters of recommendation for applying to law school. These letters are a crucial component of the application. At least one of these letters should be written by a Faculty member at the U of M. Make sure that the requested letter writer will take the task seriously.

Get to know your Professors!

A letter of recommendation is all the more convincing when it is specific in its content (comparison with peers, ranking, precise appraisal of writing and analytical skills of the applicant, including strengths and weaknesses). For this reason, it is very important that students get to know the Faculty well.

Pre-law students should try to build strong connections with a few Professors. It is also important to ask for letter when the faculty member still remembers the applicant well.

Give your recommender plenty of time

Finally, faculty members should be given at least one month’s notice before the letters are due. You cannot expect your recommender to be asked for a letter on Monday when the deadline is on Friday. This only shows poor respect and poor organization too.

What if you've been out of school for a while?

If you have been out of school for several years, letters from employers, coworkers or anyone who is able to judge your abilities and character will be fit. That said, some schools require a letter from a faculty member.

If you plan on waiting a few years after college before applying to law school, you should ask for letters of recommendation from professors during your senior year. The LSAC letter of recommendation service can keep your letters of recommendation up to 5 years. You may also store your letters through Interfolio.