Course Evaluations

About Course Evaluations

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (10.220), each faculty member must have at least one course evaluated each semester they teach. The Office of the Provost coordinates a course evaluation process using the Blue course evaluations software by Explorance that many units use for their evaluation needs. More information about this system and how to use it is provided on this website.

Find out if your school, college, or department uses this system by looking at the current course tree. If your school, college, or department is not listed, please contact your department chair or program director for information about the system used by your unit.

Each academic unit has assigned one or more people to be the DIG (Data Integrity Gateway) administrator for their unit. The DIG administrator is responsible for identifying the courses to be evaluated in Blue and, if the unit uses the lettered IAS form question sets, assigning the appropriate form(s) to those courses.

Before the beginning of each semester, please notify the course evaluation coordinator if the DIG administrator for your unit has changed or will be changing.

Early in the semester, the Course Evaluation Coordinator will notify the DIG administrators that the DIG for the semester is open and they can begin identifying the courses that will be evaluated.

  • Choose a question set or question set(s)
    • You can view the Sample IAS Forms (PDF) and Accessible Sample IAS Forms (PDF) to determine which form question set will suit your unit's courses and instructors.
    • Units that do not use the IAS form use either a default question set (similar to IAS form A) or, in a small number of cases, will use a custom question set.
  • Determine which courses will be evaluated
    • Each unit determines which courses will be evaluated based on selection criteria they have developed for themselves. Please consult with the DIG administrator or the chair/director of your unit for more information about the selection criteria.
  • Course selection in DIG
    • Unit DIG administrators log in to their course evaluations dashboard in Blue and enter the DIG, where they are presented with the list of courses they are responsible for.
    • DIG administrators select the courses that will be evaluated by setting the "Evaluate" flag to "Yes" and, if applicable, picking the appropriate question set from the "Form" drop-down menu. They then publish these courses to the semester evaluation project.


  • The course evaluation period runs for a period of ten days prior to the course end date to four days after the course end date. (For classes that conform to the regular semester schedule, the last day of class is the last day of finals week.) Evaluation surveys cannot be completed before or after this period.
  • Invitations to fill out course evaluation surveys are distributed by email to all students registered for each course to be evaluated.
    • Students can also access a list of all evaluation surveys available to them during the course evaluation period by logging in to their course evaluations dashboard.
  • Students are also sent one or more reminder emails after a few days if their responses have not been recorded yet. If they have completed all the evaluations available to them, they will not receive any reminder emails.
  • Faculty members whose courses are being evaluated also receive an email notifying them that the course evaluation period is open, asking them to encourage their students to complete their course evaluations in a timely manner, and providing a link to their course evaluations dashboard where they can view response rates for the current evaluation period as well as reports from previous semesters (if available)

  • Course evaluation reports begin being generated after the close of the course evaluation period for all courses that semester. For spring and fall semesters, this is typically the week after finals week. Course evaluation reports generation and publication typically completes within two weeks following the final evaluation period for the semester.
  • Faculty members will receive an email notifying them that their course evaluation reports are available to review along with a direct link to access them. They can also access reports for current and past semesters by visiting their course evaluations dashboard in Blue.
  • Department chairs/program directors and unit administrators have access to the individual evaluation reports for faculty in their units to use during the faculty evaluation process as well as unit-level reports with summarized data.
  • Deans and their admins have access to all the reports mentioned above as well as college-level reports that further summarize the available data.


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