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About Course Evaluations

In light of the challenging COVID-19 circumstances, Provost Harbor has made the decision to suspend course evaluations for the spring 2020 term. Please email the Course Evaluations Coordinator with any questions regarding this.  

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (10.220), each faculty member must have at least one course evaluated each semester they teach. The Office of the Provost coordinates a course evaluation process that units may use for their evaluation needs. More information about how to use this system is provided on this website.

 Find out if your school, college, or department uses this system by looking at the current course tree. If your school, college, or department is not listed and you would like to start using the IAS Course Evaluation System for the coming semester of if you have any questions, please email the course evaluation coordinator.

Before the beginning of Autumn term, please submit any changes to the course abbreviations that will be used by your department in the coming academic year.

Two weeks into the semester, the Course Evaluation Coordinator will send a Form Count Order sheet to a designated staff member in each department. 
  • Choose Forms
  • Submit a Form Count Order
    • In order to fill out a Form Count Order, you will need to know:
      • the enrollment for each course that is offered by your department for the relevant semester and
      • the type of form that your instructors will use to gather feedback from students. 
    • Fill out all fields on the Form Count Order document
      • For each type of lettered form that you plan to order for your department, input the total number of forms needed for the semester. Round up the number of forms ordered. 
      • The number of Instructor Information sheets is determined by the number of courses offered during the semester.
  • Return the Form Count Order via Campus Mail to UH126 or scan the completed form and send it to the Coordinator via email


  • Fill out an Instructor Information sheet for each course to be evaluated
    • The designated staff member for each department will keep these until the completed evaluations have been returned them
  • Count out the appropriate number of each type of lettered evaluation form for each course to be evaluated
    • All forms in the group must be the same type of lettered form in order to be processed
  • Place the lettered evaluation forms in a confidential envelope
  • Distribute each evaluation packet to the appropriate instructor
  • Notify instructors that evaluations are ready to be distributed to their students

Once evaluations have been completed, instructors should return the packet of forms to the designated staff member

  • Sort each packet and remove blank forms
    • Blank forms may be returned to the Course Evaluation Coordinator in a separate package
  • Place the appropriate, completed Instructor Information sheet on top of the completed evaluation forms for each course
  • Completed evaluation packets may be submitted to the Course Evaluation Coordinator either in a manilla envelope or grouped with a paperclip

  • Group all completed course evaluations in a box, envelope, or alternative container and label with the department name
  • Send or deliver to University Hall, room 126

  • After evaluation forms have been processed, reports for each course will be sent to the designated staff member
  • The designated staff member will receive a batch of Instructor Copies and a batch of Department Copies of each report for each course
    • Keep the Department Copies on file in the department
    • Distribute the Instructor Copies of the evaluation reports to the appropriate instructor

Course Evaluation Process

Please review the below steps for an explanation of the Course Evaluation process.

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