Market Adjustment

Market adjustments are authorized to adjust a base salary to reflect market conditions for tenure-track faculty members of the bargaining unit. Specific information on requesting a market adjustment based on the criteria above is outlined in Collective Bargaining Agreements section 13.250.


To be eligible for a market adjustment, a faculty member must present compelling evidence of their marketability.


  • Faculty member submits evidence compelling evidence of their marketability.
  • The Chair secures and documents the endorsement of a majority of the tenured and tenure-track faculty in the academic unit.
  • The Chair presents proposal with supporting evidence to the Dean.
  • The Dean considers market adjustment proposal and if s/he supports it, brings proposal before the Provost.
  • If the Provost supports the market adjustment, the Provost will solicit the support of the union-administration committee (as appropriate to bargaining unit).
  • The Provost has the final approval on all market adjustments.