UM Efforts Supporting Gender Equity

UM faculty, staff and students are affecting a sea change through an array of programs that empower and advance all women. We commit to building and enhancing this good work. Ideas for how to drive this change will emerge from our community. To submit an effort to be included here, email Kelly Webster.


At UM, we are always working to foster a safe campus for all.

Existing Programming

Prevention and Education Programming

  • Student Athlete Trainings (Title IX/SARC)
  • Greek Life Trainings (Title IX/SARC)
  • UM Housing and Residence Assistants Trainings
  • Everfi Sexual Assault Prevention Tutorial
  • Haven for Juniors
  • Alcohol EDU
  • PEACE Committee Programming
  • Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Week
  • Light Up the Night
  • SARC
    • Bystander Trainings
    • Social Justice Fair
    • Domestic Violence Awareness Month outreach
    • “Don’t Cancel That Class” curriculum
    • Resilence and Engagement trainings for Freshman Seminar
    • Strength in Resiliency workshops
    • Addressing Microaggressions to Create an Inclusive Community workshops
    • Responding Effectively workshops
    • Compassion and Connection workshops




At UM, we empower women as valued members of our community.

Existing Programming

For Students

  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (undergraduate major and graduate certificate)
  • Coursework across disciplines focused on social issues that impact women:
    • Gender and Communication (COMM 380)
    • Intimate Relationships (COUN 242S)
    • Women in America: Colonial to Civil War (HSTA 370H)
    • Women in America: 1865 to Present (HSTA 371H)
    • Women in Antiquity (CLAS 320)
    • Rhetorical Construction of Women (COMX 447)
    • Rhetoric of Women's Activism (COMX 449)
    • Gender and Society (SOCI 275)
    • Gender and Sexuality in English Fiction (GH 327H)
    • Writing Women's Lives (HSTA 471)
    • Media Representations of Women, Men and Sexuality (WGSS 250)
    • Anthropology of Gender (ANTY 427)
    • Feminist Theory and Methods (WGSS 363)
    • Women and Social Action in America (SW 323)
    • Race, Gender and Class (SOCI 220S)
    • Gender and Global Development (SOCI 471)
  • Transit
  • Smart Start (AAUW)
  • Montana NEW Leadership
  • Iota Iota Iota (Triota) a National Women's Studies Honor Society with over 50 chapters nationwide
  • Women’s Law Caucus
  • Physical Therapy Women’s Development Group
  • Lambda Alliance
  • SARC Peer Advocacy Group and other services

For Employees

  • Women’s Leadership Initiative
  • Diversity recruitment
  • Faculty Development Office offerings, e.g. Faculty Inquiry Projects focused on women in leadership
  • Work Smart (AAUW)
  • Faculty modified duties policy and Tenure Clock Extensions (CBA 9.400)
  • SARC
    • Trauma-informed classroom/environment trainings
    • Culturally relevant response training
    • Addressing Implicit Bias in hiring practices and workplaces workshops

For Students and Employees


At UM, we support women in accelerating their careers and lives of impact.

Existing Programming

For Students