S.E.A. begins with the ‘S’ because safety rests at the heart of our mission to provide access to a quality education. At the University of Montana, a safe environment for learning and working is not a static state but rather an ongoing, deliberate effort.

We take seriously our responsibility to foster a safe community, which includes rigorous attention to the factors that threaten safety. From ensuring a well-lit campus to offering free rides home to maintaining a campus police presence, we prioritize physical security. But we also define safety broadly. The UM Food Pantry addresses food security, many UM groups nurture a more inclusive campus, and our Student Advocacy Resource Center provides direct services in support of all students. Campus trainings around issues such as implicit bias and other forms of discrimination combat the systemic drivers of unsafe environments, and policies that allow for flexible work schedules and childcare honor our students’ and employees’ varied realities.

Central to our ongoing efforts to provide a safe environment is a rigorous approach to addressing sexual misconduct. We choose to be a leader in creating a safe campus for all. No college campus is immune to the realities of sexual assault, and the University of Montana has faced the issue both publicly and with an uncompromising commitment to best practices. Every day, women across the country experience exploitation of their sense of safety, which we address through a robust suite of programs for all students. Our coordinated effort among campus experts, the campus police, city and county law enforcement, the Student Advocacy Resource Center, and others has been recognized as a national model.

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