All ITRR Publications are housed in the University of Montana online repository, ScholarWorks. 

You can easily search for publications of interest to you through the ScholarWorks search.

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Search Hints: 
ScholarWorks will open in a new browser window. You can enter search terms to find what you are looking for in the upper lefthand side of the screen, or click "Advanced Search" to enter more specific search terms and parameters such as which fields should be searched for the terms you enter (e.g., subject, author, title).

Once you have conducted a search, you may view the search terms you entered, or enter new search terms, by clicking the "Show Search" tab near the upper right corner of the page to open the search options again.

  • Quotation marks " around terms return exact phrase matches. Example: "cooler water" will return different results from "water cooler."
  • Asterisks * within or at the end of a term function like multiple wildcards. Example: an All Fields search for l*nn will return results with lynn, linn, and lochlann.
  • Questions marks ? within or at the end of a term function like single wildcards. Example: an All Fields search for l?nn will return results with lynn and linn, not lochlann.
  • Tildes ~ at the end of a term return fuzzy matches. Example: colour~ will return results with colour, color, and coli.
  • Commas , will be ignored in any search. Instead, use the tips above to construct finely tuned queries, and then save your criteria using the "Save this search" feature.

ITRR publications are considered a series within the ScholarWorks repository.