The Wilderness Institute

The mission of the The Wilderness Institute is to further the understanding of wilderness and wild lands stewardship through education, research and service.

Housed within the University of Montana's W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation, the Wilderness Institute provides students, agencies, and the general public with information, educational programs and resources, and technical tools to understand public lands conservation, land stewardship, protected areas management, and the social and ecological values of wilderness.

Matthew Hansen

Accepting Proposals: 2023 Matthew Hansen Endowment for Wilderness Studies

The Endowment funds projects promoting the protection, enhancement, and understanding of wilderness, the value of conservation and preservation of wildlands, and the protection of our wilderness resource in Montana. Awards of up to $6500 are available. Application deadline is April 21, 2023.

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Accepting Applications: 2023 Wilderness and Civilization Program!

Now accepting applications for Fall 2023 (we are full for 2022!!) Apply today to ensure a spot in this innovative educational experience! It is the only program in Montana where students can earn a Wilderness Studies Minor.


Graduate Certificate in Wilderness Management

Earn a graduate certificate in Wilderness Management. Courses are offered via distance learning (online and correspondence) through the Wilderness Management Distance Education Program. The certificate provides students and professionals with training and expertise in the key topics related to wilderness management.

Sounds of Our Lives Podcast : In Wildness

The story of the Round River Experiment and Wilderness and Civilization program at the University of Montana. Narrated by Victor Yvellez. Click below to listen.

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Podcast Transcript Link