Graduate Program

The University of Montana’s graduate program in Studio Art and Art History offers an intimate graduate experience for the independent, self-directed student. The MA and MFA programs in Studio Art utilize both discipline-specific and multidisciplinary practices to develop visual language, material processes and conceptual approaches relevant to the student’s intentions and sensibilities. The curriculum encourages fluid boundaries between media, materials, and processes and supports dialogue among a diverse group of faculty and peers. Students are challenged to devise strategies of experimentation and research, as well as the ability to articulate ideas and critical responses to work, while gaining a significant understanding of both the historical framework and the contemporary discourse of art.  Students and faculty across media work in close proximity to each other within this multidisciplinary curriculum. The MA in Art with a concentration in Art History offers a broad knowledge of the history of the visual arts and prepares students for advanced graduate work at the Ph.D. level and careers in art-related professions in museum studies, gallery work, and conservation.

The University of Montana is a NASAD accredited program, offering an MFA and MA in studio and an MA in Art with a concentration in Art History.

To speak with the graduate program advisor, please call the School of Art at 406.243.4181 or e-mail

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