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 Born and raised in West Michigan, Dean attended Grand Valley State University where he received his BFA in Ceramics in 2009. he was part of the World Ceramics Biennale in South Korea in the summer of 2009 before graduating. Traveling to Missoula Montana for graduate school, Dean has been teaching at the Clay Studio of Missoula since the fall 2010. He is currently pursuing a MFA in ceramics at the University of Montana.


In my current body of work I am seeking a connection, between the events in my life that have molded me and the material, which I mold, clay. The work is a conversation between where we have been and where we’re going.

YouTube Links

Experiential Memory 2010
Wack Installation Video 2010
Chop, performance 2011
Chop, above view 2011
Chop, alt view 2011
Chopped, 2011
Chopped, gallery excerpt 2011