Online Griz Card Photo Submission

Photo Requirements

Photos must meet our requirements to be approved and used on your Griz Card. The photo must be:

  • In color with no editing or filters.
  • Taken in front of a blank white or off white background.
  • Taken with a natural facial expression, with both eyes open.
  • Taken with person directly facing the camera, in good lighting.
  • Taken in clothing you wear on a daily basis.
  • Good quality, not grainy or blurry.
  • Taken without hands or other objects, such as sunglasses, hats, headphones or props, in the frame. Prescription glasses are acceptable if you wear them on a daily basis. Scarves or hats worn daily for religious purposes are allowed, but should not obscure or cast shadows on the eyes or any other part of the face. 
  • The file type must be a jpeg, png, gif, bmp, or svg. Minimum resolution of 750x1000, and no larger than 5 MB.

good photo example

good photo example 2


Examples of Photos that Do Not Meet the Requirements

 bad photo poor lighting casting shadows bad photo hat bad photo buddies and hand signals (thumbs up, peace) bad photo foliage in background example 1

bad photo foliage in background example 2 bad photo sunglasses bad photo cookie monster snapchat filter bad photo sunglasses not facing camera

Submit Your Photo

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Once you receive your University of Montana NetID, you may submit your Griz Card photo online. Please review the photo requirements before logging in and submitting your photo

Once your photo is approved, you can pick up your Griz Card.