Global Gateway

Global Gateway is an educational services portal, offering cross-cultural and global competence trainings to the UM campus community, the K-12 educational system and community organizations.  Global Gateway is part of UM’s Office of International Programs.  It promotes mutual understanding, provides access to a globally-minded community, and infuses innovative educational opportunities that allow global awareness and competence to develop and thrive.

Record Seminar Growth Between 2014 and 2015

Global Gateway has enjoyed an unprecedented growth in recent years.  Trainings have more than tripled between 2013 and 2014, from 48 seminars offered to more than 170 seminars provided. Between January and December 2015, cross-cultural and global competence trainings expanded to a new record, with over 290 seminars, as indicated in the graph below.

Global Competence Seminar Expansion by Fiscal Year

Data on all seminars developed and provided since 2004 is recorded and can be accessed.  Detailed information on previous seminar titles, affiliated departments, offices, schools, or organizations, dates and locations can be retrieved through Past Seminars in the Global Gateway Archive.

Global Gateway's award-winning pedagogical approach is utilized in cross-cultural and global competence seminars and trainings for a wide-variety of Global Gateway Partners on the UM Campus, including outreach activities to Missoula County Public Schools (K-12) and building ties to the Missoula Community.

We are confident that Global Gateway is an educational service that deserves high marks, but don't just take our word for it, please take a few minutes, browse through the testimonials that more than 70 participants posted and discover how global gateway services have made a difference for participants.

To find out how to join, collaborate and benefit from Global Gateway services, please contact

Udo Fluck, Ph.D.
Director, Global Gateway
Global Competence Research, Course/Seminar Development and Training