Working Together

University Police. The University of Montana is home to its own department of sworn police officers available 24 hours a day to respond to and investigate all crimes and enforce federal, state and local laws. UMPD employs a community liaison officer who serves as an important link between UM and the Missoula community, as well as area officers who work closely with RAs in the residence halls. Officers are available across campus to meet students, talk with them and serve as a resource to them.

Bystander Intervention. Sexual harassment and sexual violence are a national problem on college campuses. At UM, we work together to make our campus a safe place. SARC regularly offers innovative Bystander Intervention Training sessions in which students learn important strategies and techniques that can help stop this kind of violence before it happens.

Community Partners. The University has strong partnerships with many organizations that are working to create a safe and healthy community.

  • Multidisciplinary Task Force. Missoula has an extraordinary resource in the Multidisciplinary Task Force, whose purpose is to maintain a unified approach to child abuse and sexual assault in Missoula County and other jurisdictions. UM is an active participant on the task force, which also includes law enforcement officers, prosecutors, medical and health care providers, social services professionals and victim advocates, all working together to coordinate victim services.
  • It's Your Call Missoula. UM has teamed up with the City of Missoula on a public education campaign, It's Your Call Missoula, encouraging victims of sexual assault and rape to call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance and access to information about victim resources. Information is available at
  • Make Your Move Missoula. An innovative campaign to engage allies to prevent sexual violence in the greater Missoula area, Make Your Move! is a multifaceted, interagency approach that creates long-term, positive change in the community by changing the beliefs and behaviors that support sexual violence, thus creating a safer and healthier community.