WELCOME to TRIO Student Support Services at the University of Montana! As you navigate our web site you will find an abundant amount of support for you whether you are a new UM student or a returning student.

What is TRIO SSS?

TRIO Student Support Services is a unique program funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education and has been a part of UM's services to students since 1979. We provide assistance to at least 375 active students every year. Students who participate in the program come from every academic department and major on campus. To participate in the program, students must meet eligibility guidelines that are based on household income, parent's education or student disability.


Last updated September 14th, 2021

TRIO staff are committed to meeting student needs swiftly and professionally. We are available to meet with students in-person, with a mask OR via zoom, email or phone.  

Peer Mentoring: Mentoring will take place in-person, with a mask.  Sessions will be scheduled according to mentor and mentee availability.

TRIO Tutoring: Tutoring will take place in Suite 134 in-person, with a mask.  Check out our Fall Tutor Schedule

Study Jam will be available remotely and in-person with limited seating in Griz Central. See the Study Jam website. www.umt.edu/study-jam

Academic Success Coaching Sessions: Phone calls, email exchanges and Zoom will be encouraged in addition to in-person appointments, with a mask.


There are fourteen TRIO SSS programs at higher education institutions in Montana, and 959 TRIO SSS programs in the U.S. We are part of a national effort by the U.S. Department of Education to make the opportunity for success in college available to low-income and first generation students, and/or students with disabilities.

*TRIO SSS is funded each year at $468,924 federal funds.  More information on TRIO programs (8) can be found on the US Department of Education website. 

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TRIO SSS at the University of Montana is a proud affiliate partner with the Montana College Attainment Network:

Montana College Attainment Network