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Web Committee

The University of Montana

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required?

The UM standard header and footer, which is defined by the web committee and maintained by central IT.

The header must consist of the following:

  • The header content must use the global style sheet definitions for the standard header
  • The left side of the header must contain the UM Clocktower Logo linked to the UM Homepage
  • The right side of the header must contain the following content:
    • “UM Homepage” linked to the UM Homepage
    • "A to Z Index" linked to the A to Z Index
    • "Directory" linked to the UM Directory
    • "Search UM" search box

The footer must consist of the following:

  • The footer content must use the global style sheet definitions for the standard footer
  • The footer must contain the following content:
    • “The University of Montana” linked to the UM Homepage
    • "Missoula, MT"
    • “Contact UM Switchboard” linked to contact information for the UM Switchboard
    • “Accessibility” linked to UM Accessibility information

How do i get the code?

There are two ways to get the code.

  1. You can programmatically consume the template html and insert your content into the content regions. There are two default templates:
    1. The empty template -
    2. The simple box template -
  2. You can download the files as part of a zip package. There are two templates, empty and blank.
    Empty download download
    Box download download

If I can’t can’t get my site to comply are there people to help me?

Yes. Student affairs users can contact for support, users in the College of Arts and Science can contact Spectral Fusion at and those who don't have dedicated web support can contact Central IT by emailing 

Are there exceptions?

Exceptions to the Web Standards are rare and require documentation of clearly extenuating circumstances.  An exception to these procedures and policy may be granted upon a written request to the University Web Committee. The request must identify specific points of exception with reason. Requests for exceptions must be accompanied by signoff from the Executive Officer and directed to the chair of the University Web Committee.

In the case of a denial of an exception request from the University Web Committee, an appeal may be made through the University Web Committee chair, who will forward the appeal to the Executive Officer with oversight of the committee for a final decision.

How will I be notified if my site doesn’t comply?

You will be sent a letter describing the issues and suggesting a reasonable amount of time to make the site compliant. 

How long do I have to get my site in compliance?

From the date this policy goes into effect, newly created (or redesigned) websites/applications must comply immediately. Existing websites/applications must be compliant with this policy within 1 year. We anticipate the policy will go into effect at the start of fall semester 2011.

Colors and Logos



Homepage Change Requests

To request a change to the UM Homepage Complex, contact your UM Web Committee representative or Dan Bowling, at

Cascade Server Requests

Visit the Web Technology Services Online Request page to request a new site using the Cascade Content Managment System.

University Web Committee

Jordan Hess, Chair