How To Apply For Legal Services

In order to obtain legal advice and assistance, you must be a student at the University of Montana.

You must complete our intake form(s); please fill out the general intake form and any supplemental form for your case type.

These forms are linked below, or you can contact us by calling 406-243-6213 or emailing

General Intake Form  - Required   

Landlord-Tenant Supplemental Intake Form 
Family Law Supplemental Intake Form 
Criminal Defense Supplemental Intake Form 
Debt Collection Defense Supplemental Intake Form

After you submit the intake form(s) and documents we will screen your intake within 1-3 business days and contact you with the services that we are able to provide. Depending on your case, we may only be able to provide referrals and resources. If we are able to provide legal advice, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Advice appointments are free to students. There may be additional fees for additional services.