Compliance Hotline

Reporting a Compliance Concern

UM encourages members of the university community to report suspected ethical, fraud, waste, and compliance concerns through their normal channels of communication within campus.  This is typically accomplished by sharing such concerns with an immediate supervisor or manager.  Even minor concerns can be worth discussing and are typically resolved at the local level.

If you are uncomfortable reporting a concern to your supervisor or manager (or if your concern relates to them, or if you have previously informed them of your concern, yet it has gone unresolved), there are alternative ways you can report your concern:

  • Report the issue to your supervisor/manager’s direct supervisor;
  • Report the issue to a specialized reporting channel (see below for list); or
  • Report the issue through this hotline: Montana University System Compliance Hotline

Failure to provide sufficient details and/or respond to follow up inquiries may inhibit the University’s ability to address a complaint. The compliance hotline allows reporters to engage with the University on the reported matter without compromising their anonymity. 

Compliance Hotline

The hotline serves as an alternative channel to report suspected ethical, fraud, waste, and compliance concerns.  The hotline is operated by an outside vendor that receives your report and sends it to the University.  Hotline users may choose to remain anonymous. 

The hotline should not be used to report emergencies or crimes in progress.  Please call 911.

The compliance hotline may be used to report suspected compliance, ethical, fraud, and waste concerns in the following areas:

  1. Accounting and Financial
  2. Athletics
  3. Discrimination or Harassment
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Human Resource Services
  6. Information Security and Technology
  7. Research

Concerns regarding student conduct, both academic and non-academic, cannot be reported through the hotline.  Please contact the Office for Community Standards, 243-2611, for any concerns that you may have in this regard.

This reporting option does not absolve University employees of the requirement under the discrimination, harassment and retaliation policy to report, within 24 hours, information they have about discrimination based on sex and sexual harassment involving students to the Title IX Coordinator.

Non-Retaliation Policy

The University prohibits retaliation against those who report compliance, ethical, fraud, and waste concerns in good faith.  If you believe you have experienced retaliation, the University urges you to report this through your normal communication channels or through the hotline.

Specialized Reporting Channels